Let us start with a scenario, which I am sure many of you will be able to relate to-

You have the perfect product that is going to be the next big thing.

You have meticulously prepared the database.

You have taken help from content tools to craft the perfect email text body.

You hit the send button, hoping for your fortunes to skyrocket.

Nothing happens; you do not get any leads or responses.

This is the story of many a digital marketer who thinks email outreach is the best digital marketing strategy. They are not wrong, however, you need to follow the right tips to ace email outreach.

Let us start with an accepted fact-

Email Outreach takes a lot of effort!

From creating lists, templates, content to narrowing down on an email outreach tool, there are just too many variables that you need to control.

However, many traditionalists swear by the effectiveness of credible email outreach as a viable digital marketing strategy. They are not wrong.

If done right, email outreach marketing helps you-

  • Connect with the right people,
  • Initiate a constructive dialogue, and
  • Add value to your brand.

What is Email Outreach?

Email Outreach is primarily a digital marketing strategy. It involves emailing and reaching out to people with the hope that they will-

  • Review your product or service
  • Grow your traffic
  • Invest in your company
  • Collaborate on a product/service/content
  • Guest Post for you
  • Add value to your brand

Email outreach is one of the first digital marketing strategies that the world started to use. However, recently, there have been critics that point out that the strategy has lost its effectiveness.

Experts also refer to email Marketing as ‘cold outreach’. There are many in the digital industry who still think that email outreach beats social media when it comes to customer acquisitions.

They are not wrong. Yes, the effectiveness is gone, because people are using the same email outreach strategies as they were using in 2005. For any digital strategy or otherwise to be effective, it needs to constantly evolve and change with the times.

Top Actionable Email Outreach Tips: The List

If you want your email outreach to deliver the maximum ROIs, you can take help from the following email outreach tips.

1. Plan your Strategy and do your Research

If you are already aware of all the intricate details of every person in your 10000 people mailing list, you are good to go. However, I assume that never happens, even to the best of us. The key is to do research about the person, and find out some details before reaching out.

This demonstrates that you are interested in doing your research, and are serious about making the outreach. This also sets the tone for the reply that the person is most likely to offer. Unless you do your research and find out the details, try to avoid mailing. You will never get the desired output.

2. Make your Email Sincere and Personalized

Everyone receives hundreds of emails, sent out by automated software. This creates a lot of resentment and frustration. Avoid using content templates for emails. Instead, try to be sincere about what you are looking for.

You do not have to send out 1000 template based emails every day. Instead, focus on sending out 100 personalised emails that are well researched, sincere and conversational in nature. This will help you get more responses from your address list.

3. Use an Email Verifier and Validator Tool

Think about it- if you do not know how many people have opened your email, or clicked on a link in the email, how you will plan your future strategy. You cannot keep sitting on unanswered emails for six months.

This is where an email verifier and validator tool/software becomes important. It helps tell you-

  • Whether it is a hot email id
  • If someone has opened your mail or not
  • If they have clicked on a link
  • Has the attachment/pdf that you had sent been downloaded

It is crucial that you use an email verifier tool to make your email outreach strategy more effective and planned.

4. Write Interesting Content in your Email Text Body

There is a difference in writing personalised emails, and writing something interesting and creative. Unless you make the content exciting, or creative, you do not stand of getting constructive reply.

In addition to plain text, why not use graphical images or infographics in the email body. This is something that will immediately catch the attention of the respondent. This will also force them to engage with you, given the creative nature of your outreach.

5. Create a Catchy and Informative Subject Line

Think of a subject line as the front facing thing that the client will see at the very outset, I am sure everyone is familiar with the proverb- ‘first impressions are the last ones’. Your subject line is going to be your first impression.

According to Neil Patel, long subject lines that contain two main elements succeed-

  • A catchy word or phrase
  • Brief info about the mail (intent, product, etc.)

Emails with a catchy and informative subject line stand more chances of being opened than standard static ones.

6. Follow up and Build Rapport

It might well happen that you will not succeed at your first attempt. However, the key is not to let that affect you or not make the follow up. Always remember, the more perseverance you show, the better it reflects on your personality.

It is important that you follow up with an even stellar subject line and text outlining your intent and proposition. In my experience, I have seen more conversions and better relationships with outreach that succeeded at the third or fourth email stage.

The Final Word

Email outreach marketing is a vast domain that offers infinite potential. Even though it is one of the most over utilised domains of digital marketing, experts do not always employ the right strategies.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can expect better ROIs from your email outreach efforts. Email outreach is not dead, nor will it be dead in the near future.