Finding the best strategies that companies should embrace in order to increase their sales seems to be a neverending conversation. Within any company, there is no wrong or right when it comes to an idea. Any idea in an opportunity to increase sales. And, sometimes, strategies that may seem to play an insignificant role in the increase or decrease of sales may actually have a very important impact. One of these strategies is the email signature that companies use.

Believe it or not, a good email signature can really make a difference in your sales. So, is yours good enough?

1. If You Don’t Have One, Get One

Most people haven’t given thought to their email signature. While many companies probably have a professional “stamp” that goes at the bottom of each email, it’s likely very standard. But, if someone told you that there was such thing as email signature marketing, then you’d likely give those signatures a lot more attention. For those that don’t already have an email signature, it’s time to get one, and for those that do, it’s time to take it to the next level.

Email signatures can be created in a number of ways. Most email platforms have a place where you can create this. For instance, in Gmail, just click on the top right corner under “Settings” and scroll down to “Signature.” But, that signature may not be the one you need to grow your sales.

An email signature should give a quick visual run-down of who you are. Just as you wouldn’t leave out any important information on a website or resume, the same goes for an email signature. Any social media platform or page that’s a key outlet for your business should be included in your email signature, too. So, don’t leave it out.

3. Include a Picture

Sometimes an email signature includes a logo, and other times, it’s more fitting to put a photo of yourself. Really, there’s no right answer with this one, as it all depends what people can relate to more. For some companies, a logo that’s been around a while lets people directly identify with the company. For others, a photo is all that it takes to show a genuineness that will lead to strong customer relationships and ultimately increase sales.

4. Build Brand Consistency

Speaking of logos and photos, an upgraded email signature helps build brand consistency. Email marketing is an excellent way to bring in leads and sell more products or services. Customers are more likely to connect with your company via email than anything else, and therefore, the email signature is important. For larger companies, it’s recommended that each department has its own signatures to build that brand awareness and consistency across the board, which helps foster a rapport with customers while still keeping everything organized.

5. Include a Call-To-Action

Finally, all email signatures should have some kind of call-to-action. And, this can change from one email signature to another, or be updated as new marketing campaigns come about. Incorporating call-to-actions into your email signature may seem a bit pointless at first, but it’s a subtle way of bringing customers to the next step in the sales cycle. Of course, with marketing automation, you can easily analyze if this tactic is working. Chances are, it is.