email marketing, social engagement

Using social media to engage your audience is one of the best ways to convert leads or make sales. However, instead of doing this directly from Facebook or Twitter, it can still be done the old-fashion way; through email. Incorporating opportunities for social engagement in conjunction with your email marketing is a great alternative to reach out to people who might not spend their time on social media platforms. Of course, it also works just as well for people who are on social media.

1. Include Sharing Icons

Put sharing icons in your emails. This makes it super easy to share content without needing to do a bunch of copying and pasting. Likewise, don’t forget to put an email sharing icon on your site’s content. Many people will insert social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, maybe even Instagram, but some forget to one for email. Though it’s hard to think of anyone who’s not on a social media platform this day, the truth is, some people are still just using their email accounts.


2. Place Blog Posts Into Emails

Have you written an interesting blog post lately for your website? Content marketing is essential in business, if only if everyone who’s meant to see it does. To make sure this happens, try embedding your blog posts into your emails. The great thing about this is that you don’t need to copy and paste the entire thing. You can only copy an excerpt, and encourage people to visit your site to read the rest. Of course, include share icons within the email as well. Even if the reader doesn’t have a social media account, perhaps they’ll forward the email to someone who does!

3. Give Offers or Rewards for Sharing

A good way to increase social engagement through email marketing is by offering rewards to those who share. Offers and rewards can come in all kinds of packages, and you can choose how you want to go about this. But, encouraging others to share content by using an incentive that you announce in your emails can do wonders for both your customer and you.

4. Provide Exclusivity for Subscribers

It’s one thing to give offers and rewards, but it’s another to have access to things that others don’t. Let your audience know that if they subscribe (which should be very easy with a strategically placed CTA button), they will also have access to special features or content. These would be only accessible by email of course. Discuss these benefits on social media platforms, and encourage users to share their own perks of being a subscriber.

email marketing, social engagement

5. Just Ask!

There’s no harm in asking your audience directly to share on social media, via your email marketing. If you want to push for social engagement, then that’s exactly what you need to do. Push. Write a short sentence or blurb in your emails suggesting your audience to spread the word. Don’t be shy!

A strong email marketing system can do a lot for your social engagement, as long as you know how to go about it. Request a demo with Mission Suite to find out more.

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