But where’s the best place to reach out?

The sheer size and scale of social media suggests that’s where to head. In September 2015, Twitter’s monthly users hit 320 million with Facebook’s at a massive 1.5 billion. However, as massive as these numbers are, they are still nothing to the number of email accounts held around the world.

So rather than choosing between the two, how about combining their power? This approach seems to be the way forward for many marketers, now using a multichannel customer-driven approach.

Take a look at our 5 ways to harness social and email together in order to fully support your campaigns.

This is a quick, easy and completely free of charge way to get your recipients to connect with you via social media. This opens up a new channel through which to further promote your chosen content. If they decide not to take immediate action in your email, a social post later down the line may be what sways them.


2. Twitter lead-generation cards

It only takes a few clicks for your followers to share their information with you. Lead generation cards are a great way to increase sign-ups to your monthly newsletter.

3. Social influencers

Reach out to social influencers relevant to your brand or chosen topic. Getting them to share your content will help increase your online reputation and overall brand awareness.

4. Automate

The ability to target specific groups of people exists on both channels. Automating your marketing lets you schedule, track and use insights from communications to target leads and customers.


5. Tailor the content to the channel

It’s important to remember to adapt your message according to where it’ll be seen. Email is personal and recognized as a channel through which transactions happen, whereas social is more of an open platform for sharing/chat.

Those are our five tips. For a full breakdown of these points and advice on how best to action them, download our strategy guide Combining the power of email and social.