While email marketing is still king, when used in combination with marketing automation and behavioral insights, it reigns supreme.

Triple Play

Why? Because the triple play of email marketing, marketing automation and behavioral insights helps marketers win customers. Automated behavioral marketing increases sales by delivering targeted and timely messages based on user behavior, shopping patterns and more. This means you send the right message to the right person at the right time.

You can track what they are looking at, what they are clicking on and what they are buying. Then, cross reference that information with email opens, clicks and more to send extremely targeted, timely and relevant communications.

The stats are there to back it up:

“Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.” — – Annuitas Group

“Companies that excel in lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost per lead.” — Forrester Research

Consumer and Marketers Both Gain

Behavioral targeting promotes stronger engagement with your brand – consumers will receive emails tailored to their interests, creating a more personalized experience for them. Marketers gain customer and prospect insights by tracking their behavior, while also increasing brand loyalty with relevant and personalized messages. Most importantly you’ll boost website engagement and conversions by sending the right message at the right time.

Here are five ways you can put email marketing and behavioral automation to work for your clients today:

1. All Aboard

Welcome / Onboarding Series — Increase trial to paid account conversion rate with smart resources and boost paid conversion with educational onboarding series.

2. Come to Mind

Drip Campaign — Ensure firm is the first to come to mind when prospect is ready to buy, and further qualify prospects along the way.

3. Welcome Back

Reactivation Campaign – Target website visitors that have previously unsubscribed from mailing list. Get them to opt back into their database.

4. Pick, Qualify & Choose

List Growth Campaign — Grow list of qualified leads without bothering existing clients with pop-up opt-in forms. Use a Lead Qualifying Campaign to lessen sales’ time qualifying leads by pre-qualifying leads based on website and email engagement.

5. Search & Deploy

Subscriber Reengagement Campaign — Reengage readers who are not opening their emails by using other mediums to learn more about those readers’ interests.

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