Email is a great digital marketing tool, but it can hurt your brand more than help it if you aren’t using it effectively. Throughout this blog post, we’ll highlight six tips for sending the most effective marketing emails, and in turn, help to build our brand.

Subject Lines

If you envision your emails as a newspaper, the subject line is like the headline of a newspaper article. If the headline of an article is boring or doesn’t catch your attention, chances are you will skip over it. The same is true for your subject lines in your emails. With a boring subject line, your email open rates will be low. A poor example of a subject line would be, “May Updates.” However, if you changed your subject line to, “Is Your Website Costing You Business?” people are more inclined to open it. Don’t skim over your subject line and de-prioritize it, it is very important and is the difference between a potential customer opening your email or not.


If it’s possible, use information that people have given you and personalize their emails. HubSpot’s personalization tokens are great for this. Personalization can be use in the subject line, as a greeting, or even in the body of your emails. You can also segment your lists by information that’s been given to you by industry or demographics.

Stay out of the spam folder

The one place you don’t want your marketing emails to end up is in your email subscribers’ spam folders. Ways to avoid this are:

  • Make sure you follow all of the CAN-SPAM regulations
  • Do not use all caps in your subject lines
  • Avoid using multiple exclamation marks in your subject lines
  • Keep your HTML formatted properly in your email templates

Each email client has different spam filters, but by abiding by the points above, your emails should stear clear of the spam folder.

Proper Design

Having a poorly designed email can be one of the first things your potential customers notice, and it could drive them to unsubscribe because your email flow is hard to follow. When designing your email, make sure you:

  • Make your text flow properly. Use short paragraphs or bulleted lists and keep your readers engaged.
  • Don’t overuse images. Remember, some email clients block images, so don’t use images as primary content pieces.
  • Test your design. Have in-house people QA your emails as if they’re a consumer.

The design of your email is important, so be sure it isn’t something that is thrown together at the last minute.

Mobile Optimization

Only 35% of all emails are opened up on a desktop computer. The rest are opened on a tablet or mobile device. If your emails aren’t optimized for those, you’re driving away a vast amount of clicks to your website. As we mentioned above, your emails should be tested, and testing for mobile optimization is a must.

While there are certainly other tips for sending effective marketing emails, the five supplied here are an absolute must. Be sure to continuously test different aspects of your email, and you should always be tracking analytics to see how your emails are doing. Don’t make your emails stale, and always keep your email subscribers engaged with fresh content.

What other tips do you have for sending effective marketing emails?