With the rise of social media as a leading communication channel, it is tempting to dismiss email marketing as an antiquated communication tool and focus communication efforts elsewhere. Here are five reasons why this is a bad idea:

1. Email is More Personal

If social media is the reception hall of online communication, email is the boudoir – a private space where people are more receptive to receiving messages tailored to their specific needs. In order to be successful, email marketing needs to be “personal, relevant, and highly targeted,” writes Lisa Cannon in Business 2 Community.

2. Email is Global

According to the Radicati Group, the number of email accounts worldwide is projected to grow 27 percent from 2014 to the end of 2017. The growing number of email accounts will be accompanied by increased email activity. As a result, the content of your marketing emails must contain relevant, informative information that provides value rather than taking up space in an inbox.

3. Email Campaigns Foster Brand Loyalty

People prefer emails tailored to them and are more likely to purchase goods or services as a result of a personal, targeted email message. This suggests that effective email marketing is an essential component in building customer loyalty.

4. Mobile Email Users Are on the Rise

The Radicati Group’s report also points out that the mobile email market continues to show strong growth. The reason? More consumers are using mobile devices to check their email than ever before. Email marketing has the potential to reach customers right as they are contemplating making a purchase. Before sending an email, make sure that it optimized for viewing on a mobile device or tablet.

5. Email Marketing is Evolving to Stay Relevant

Email marketing platforms are evolving to find new ways of attracting viewer attention. A recent article in Litmus highlights the use of animated GIFs. Used sparingly to heighten interactive responses, email marketing campaigns that use animation or video effects can help to generate leads and inspire more viewers to click-through.

Email marketing is not dead! When used properly, it is an effective communication tool to reach your target audience. They key is to provide meaningful, relevant content that adds value. Just like social media, email is just a communication channel. How you use the channel and the content you provide to your target audience the key to success.