Email marketers know that not everyone will appreciate their emails and will unsubscribe. But when you notice a regular drop in numbers, that’s a sign something else is wrong. Was there something else you could’ve done to save some of them? After all, these people subscribed to your list for a reason in the first place, right?

Given how well email marketing can help your business or site, you’ll want to reduce those numbers right away. You could ask for feedback when they try to unsubscribe or tweak your email subject lines, but those are the usual tactics you can try to save your list.

If you’d like to try some different ways to reduce your unsubscribe rates, keep reading. You’ll find five smart ways to keep people on your email marketing list and maybe even grow it going forward.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

5 Ways to Reduce Unsubscribes

Keep your email list thriving with these tips that’ll reduce your unsubscribes. Implement them now and discover how they can significantly reduce your unsubscribe rates and improve your email marketing strategy.

1. Use Double Opt-In

A double opt-in list is one where subscribers must confirm that they want to join, usually by clicking a link that’s emailed to them after they sign up. Double opt-ins give you quality list protection, and the opportunity to communicate with subscribers immediately after they sign up. They can also slow your list growth because some people will never complete the signup process. WordPress form builders like Formidable Forms let you add a double opt-in to your forms and add a line to the form that indicates that subscribers should expect a confirmation email.

2. Segment Your Subscribers

When you have a good email marketing strategy, you’re getting your message in front of the right people at the right time. Smart list owners do this by segmenting their list, which helps them deliver only the most relevant content to subscribers. Segmenting your emails based on subscriber interest can increase open rates by 14.3% and give you higher click-through rates.

The more specific your segments are, the better you are at delivering content that speaks directly to their interests. They’ll never get rid of you because they feel like you’re speaking directly to them.

3. Map Your Content

As part of your segmenting strategy, you should also map the content you’re sending to each segment. This ensures you’re sending relevant content at the right time, decreasing the chances they’ll unsubscribe after each email. Plus, you’ll also identify any content gaps when you notice the segments with fewer content pieces. Plug those holes by planning new content for them and seeing when you have to revise or change content.

4. Tweak Your Email Frequency

Another way to reduce your unsubscribes is to give people control of their email frequency. Let recipients tell you the right frequency for them, so you don’t bombard their inbox or leave it too empty for their likes. Include a link to your email delivery options at the bottom of each email and on the “unsubscribe me” page of your website. Use it as a final effort to keep your subscriber on your list if they were only unsubscribing because they didn’t like how often they heard from you.

5. Make Your Emails Exclusive

The final way to decrease email list unsubscribes is to make your emails feel exclusive. Don’t just send out emails that recap content people can find on your website or when you want something. Send out emails with content exclusive to your list, such as a discount coupon, a tip that’s available only to them, etc. People will understand the value of staying subscribed to your list and will welcome your email in their inbox every time it arrives.

You’ve worked hard to get people on your email list, so don’t let them leave without a fight. Use these smart tips to stop them from leaving, fulfill their expectations, and increase your subscriber quality. You may have fewer people on your list, but you’ll be doubly sure they want to be there and hear from you.