If you run a small business and want to increase your outreach or maintain a close relationship with your existing customers, a good email marketing strategy can help you achieve the goal. Make email marketing a priority for your business and you will see an overwhelming impact on the growth.

According to a report by CBSPulse, email marketing is the second most effective marketing strategy. The Word-of-Mouth is at the top position with 62% and it is followed by 34% share of Email Marketing in the second slot.


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Importance of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is powerful because it is the direct form of marketing. It allows you to have full control in building a deeper relationship with your customers. This marketing approach is easily manageable and it is cost effective too.

However, it is important to make the right selection of the service provider. You should aim for an email service that enables you to manage your contacts efficiently, lets you create highly engaging emails, and swiftly delivers the emails to your targeted audience. You also need to make sure that your emails are going straight into the inbox and do not end up in the junk folder. These are some of the basic points that you need to carefully consider while choosing an email marketing service for your business.

I will help you choose the best service that has more features and costs less money.

Without further ado, let’s find out about the best email marketing service providers and check how they compete against each other.

  1. MailChimp (Forever Free Plan & $10/month Pro Plan)


MailChimp is in business since 2001 and over the years, it has gained the reputation of the largest email marketing platform. User-friendly interface, great customer support, and provision of awesome tools make it stand out in the crowd with a distinction.

It provides marketing automation for e-commerce businesses. Millions of customers, from small e-commerce shops to big online retailers, use this service to reach their customers and grow their network. MailChimp easily integrates with Shopify, Magento, WordPress, and other e-commerce platforms. Let me list down the key benefits of this service.

  • The user-interface is simple and easy to create interesting emails
  • It offers the merge tags and has the option to segment contacts into groups
  • You can set autoresponder for special events
  • Easy tracking and analytics of the campaigns
  • It has the ability to set up delivery time in accordance with the user’s time-zone
  • 24/7 email support and live chat
  • Knowledge base includes tutorials, how-tos, and videos

In addition to all of these good features, MailChimp’s forever free plan puts it ahead in the game. You can send 12,000 emails to up to 2,000 subscribers without spending a single penny. Because of this amazing feature, MailChimp becomes the No. 1 choice for small businesses and nonprofits.

Even the paid plans are cheaper. You can opt for the premium plan with $10 per month fee.

  1. GetResponse ($15/month)


It is an all-in-one online marketing platform to grow your business. Using the incredible service of GetResponse, you can easily create and deliver compelling emails that actually look great on any device. GetReponse has over 350,000 happy customers all around the world. Giants, such as Forbes, Huff Post, and Mashable use GetResponse for their email marketing.

“GetResponse is superior to any other email marketing software. Its UI is awesome and super-fast. In terms of features, it’s ahead of everyone; it’s also super easy to set things up.” Peep Laja, Conversion Expert,

Let’s look at the benefits of this service:

  • To run automated campaigns, GetResponse is equipped with wonderful automation tools
  • It has drag-and-drop email editor to create professional marketing campaigns
  • It perfectly integrates with third-party services like Google Docs, OptiMonster, and ZenDesk etc.
  • A/B testing is another great feature GetResponse offers
  • Other highlights include responsive forms, autoresponders, perfect timing, and reliable tracking
  • Support is provided via email, phone, and live chat

With over 50 powerful features, GetResponse is a great option to grow your sales, succeed in online marketing, and to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI). You can start with 30-day free trial and enjoy the amazing service. The paid versions start from $15/month.

  1. AWeber


If you are looking for an affordable email marketing software equipped with great automation tools, AWeber is made for you. It is wonderful to use and offers great convenience. It helps to generate leads and convert them into loyal customers. AWeber is trusted by more the 100,000 small and medium-sized businesses across the globe to manage their email marketing.

With the help autoresponder tools, you can effortlessly schedule welcome emails, product launch sequences, and email courses etc. Getting started with AWeber is pretty easy because it allows you to choose from hundreds of templates and saves you from the frustration of designing opt-in form from scratch. Read about the key features of AWeber:

  • It allows to Set up autoresponder emails to automate your email marketing
  • Stay top of mind with one-time broadcast emails, such as newsletters and promos
  • Save time with 700+ mobile responsive email and sign up form templates
  • 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat
  • Emails are optimized to make their way straight to the inbox
  • Education content is available on blog
  • Reliable reporting and analytics

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial that includes all features and support. You can create and manage your email marketing without spending a fortune. After the trial period is over, the regular fees start from $19/month.

  1. Constant Contact ($20/month)


“Send great-looking emails that drive big results” is the slogan of Constant Contact email marketing software. It is easy to set up and convenient, especially for beginners. The controls are so simple that you don’t need to be an expert to use this service.

It lets you organize email lists and contacts effortlessly. It has customizable email templates, which enable you to compose professional emails with the help of drag and drop tools.

Yet if you face difficulty at any point, you can seek help from the unmatched customer support and live chat. Constant Contact also arranges online training sessions and seminars for small businesses to understand the entire process. Here are some notable advantages of Constant Contact:

  • Free tools let you easily add new contacts in-person, from your Facebook page, or on your website.
  • 98% of Constant Contact emails hit customers’ inboxes whereas only 77% of regular email does.
  • Auto-responder automatically sends personalized emails for triggers like birthdays or a customer milestone
  • Fully equipped with email tracking and reporting tools
  • It has built-in social media sharing tools
  • Image library and file storage space of 1GB
  • While sending emails to social media, it suggests captions and images

Contact offers a free plan with a 60-day trial. Two months’ time is apt enough to test the pros and cons of the service – right? The regular packages start with $20 per month.

  1. ConvertKit ($29/month)


“One size fits all” that is a notion ConvertKit doesn’t subscribe to. According to the makers of this platform, all the major email marketing services are sort of generic that try to serve every type of business. That’s why they created CovertKit to solely help professional bloggers and authors.

This robust email marketing platform has enhanced functionality to fulfill the needs of bloggers. It focuses on being a powerful tool and integrates with the landing page, e-commerce, and membership site providers without any hassle. ConvertKit is trusted by high-end blogs such as BeingBoss, CopyHackers, and Femtrepreneur.

  • Easy to manage auto-responders
  • Excellent automation rules that segment contacts into plausible buyer with interest and those who’ve already purchased
  • Ability to create personalized automated emails to increase the conversions
  • Reliable email-based customer support
  • You can offer content upgrades and incentives with email sign-up forms
  • Easy-to-embed, customizable opt-in forms help to turn casual readers into customers
  • Steady reporting that helps you keep track of the growth
  • It is subscriber-centric service which allows organizing subscribers from one list with tags and segments

You can sign up for ConvertKit with a price starting from #29/month to manage 1000 subscribers. The second plan comes with $49 per month with 1k to 3k subscribers. With $79/month fee, you can manage 3000 to 5000 subscribers. Other than that, you can get a custom price for a bigger list. ConvertKit is good for having a 30-day refund policy. So, if you are not satisfied with the service, you can always opt out.

Final verdict

Expanding the contact list is crucial for any business; big or small and email marketing is the best tool for that. It helps you keep your customers informed via newsletters and routine emails, and you can also attract new customers by sending them discount offers and deals in emails.

All of the five marketing services I have tested in my review have benefits of their own. Each of them is amazing with a special set of features to help you extend your digital reach. The sole purpose of every email marketing program is to expand your network.

In the end, I would like to give you the top performer of my review that is Constant Contact. Due to the ease of use, email marketing program is highly recommended for small businesses and startups. With the great service of Constant Contact, you can keep your customers engaged and build more connections swiftly. You may choose to have a different opinion. If you’d like to point out any other email marketing service, please share it in the comments’ box.

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