As businesses strive to gain more visibility in today’s highly competitive market, different marketing strategies have surfaced that seek to give better results in being able to draw a bigger audience. Email newsletters have been used by companies for some time to connect with their customers and build a relationship with their target audience. It is an easy and cost-effective way to keep your customer base updated with recent news, events and promotional campaigns.

Nowadays, email newsletters are effective ways to get more traction for your brand by increasing awareness. It helps give your audience a better idea of what your company is all about, far more than just your usual product launches and other form of brand advertisements.

Through newsletters, brands and businesses can establish their expertise in a particular industry or make themselves stand out as a thought leader in their field which in the long run helps build trust and credibility. It is also a great way to build curiosity and entice your audience to get to know your brand better which may in turn increase traffic for your website.

Many companies have been using email newsletters to launch new products and services, promote different marketing campaigns and announce special offers. Its ability to get content broadcasted to a broader audience makes it an effective marketing strategy while promoting conversion as well. Knowing how to get more subscribers to sign up to your mailing list is essential to have an audience to distribute to. By learning how to use these tips, you can make email newsletters work for you as well.

Here are 4 ways to attract more subscribers through your email newsletters.

  1. Offer your audience incentives for signing up.

Perhaps the easiest way to get more subscribers to opt on to your email newsletters is by giving them something to look forward to when they sign up which is often in the form of incentives (also known in marketing as lead magnets). Many companies and brands offer their own special vouchers on a subscriber’s next purchase, and give access to free services and other useful freebies. Having something to offer your audience the moment they click on the confirmation link for your newsletter sign up email increases their opt-in rates.

For this to work, it is essential to already have a good understanding of who your audience is and what they are most interested in. By segmenting your mailing list according to different groups in your target audience, it is a lot easier to come up with different promotions or vouchers that will entice them based on what they find interesting.

  1. Create and offer valuable content consistently.

As soon as companies get the audience they need through their mailing list, it is so easy to lose track of the reason why they had it set up in the first place. After some time, many brands just strive to keep up with distribution deadlines for their newsletters to the extent of releasing content that bring nothing of value to their subscribers. Oftentimes, it is this mistake that gets them to lose subscribers quickly and prevents them from gaining new ones. Brands need to keep up with the responsibility to bring valuable content to their subscribers. One effective way to add value to your content is by sharing information that is relevant to them.

Offering tips and tricks, industry updates and popular trends and other helpful solutions gives your subscribers a reason to stay on and may even get them to recommend your brand to their friends. It is also helpful to be in the know with what the competition is offering to stay relevant to your audience. Sign up to newsletters from your favorite brands to get an idea of what it is they share in their own newsletters. Learn from top industry players, change what needs to be improved and create a new message that speaks to your audience better.

  1. Provide your audience with other options to subscribe.

Another great tip to build your mailing list is by giving your subscribers more options to choose from in terms of how often they want to receive newsletters from you which help prevent them from feeling overwhelmed by what you have to offer. It is also preferable to give your audience better control over what topics or events they want to hear from you.

By offering them this degree of control over what information they want to get, your email newsletters are more likely to be anticipated when they come. All this will help ensure your emails will be read instead of being ticked off along with other unwanted newsletters they may be getting frequently.

  1. Promote yourself and maximize your social media presence.

Show off who you are, your expertise and what you have to offer to your subscribers by including social proof in your newsletters. This can be done by highlighting your subscriber and follower count on different social media platforms on your email signatures. Having more subscribers on social media makes it easier to build trust and draw confidence in your audience as well. Give your subscribers easy access over share buttons that will allow them to promote your content to their own social media networks.

There is so much that brands and businesses can gain from an effective newsletter distribution system. Through email newsletters, start up brands can find a bigger audience and established companies can start to reconnect and build a new relationship with their subscribers once more. But to sustain this relationship with your subscribers and keep them engaged to stay on and even promote your brand to those they know, it is important to remember that it has to benefit them as well in the form of quality and valuable content.

Email newsletters must seek not only to promote your products and services or your company but to also distribute information that is relevant to the times and valuable to the people reading them. Without this important factor, it is so very easy to get lost among others that seek to only promote themselves and nothing else.