As 2018 comes to an end, we are all taking some time to reflect on our business decisions this year. During this time, we will celebrate our failures, and work to improve where we are lacking.

When it comes down to it, there is one big problem that plagues business owners and marketers. They have trouble building a healthy interactive lead list.

The prediction for 2019 is that there will be 3.7 billion email users worldwide. That’s a gigantic market that has almost unlimited room for growth. To get these insane profits, you need to get email subscribers. That’s why we are here today.

Let’s take a quick dip into the world of email marketing and what you need to do to retain customers and bring in new subscribers for 2019.


Before you ask, no we are not suggesting you kiss your potential subscribers. That would be a tad bit strange. Instead, K.I.S.S. is an acronym commonly used in the telemarketing world. It means “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”

Funny insults aside, keeping it simple IS the best way to bring more subscribers to your lead list. When you offer customers the chance to join, do they have to give you the full rundown of their life before they can confirm their subscription? If so — stop it.

Instead, opt for an easy to use form maker that allows you the opportunity to create vibrant, personalized forms without all of the extra questions and nonsense. They can enter their email address then click submit. Bam. No more lost subscribers because they didn’t have two hours to complete the previous submission form.

Remember, just K.I.S.S. Here a great example of keeping it simple while still remaining vibrant and true to the brand.

Create an Incentive

There is nothing in this world that will drive people to a destination like the words “sale” and “free.” When you’re trying to bring in email subscribers you have to figure out what’s in it for them. Think of it this way. Potentially, every single person who visits your site has the potential to sign up for your email subscription — they need an incentive.

As previously mentioned, there are two ways to convince your audience that they absolutely must sign up for your email subscription. The first way is with deals and sales.

As an incentive, let customers know if they sign up with your service they will get 20-30 percent off their first order. If someone is on the fence about buying your product because of the price, this seemingly small change can be the single factor that leads to the conversion.

Feeling particularly generous? Okay, in that case, offer them something for free. You can hook them up with a free e-book about the niche where you work. You can also offer them gifts with their first purchase after they subscribe. Very few people balk at the word “free.” Just look at this example!

Chances are if you’re a business you have a laundry list of social media accounts dedicated to your brand. Do you have a strong following on social media? If so, use this to your advantage as a way to boost your email subscribers in the coming year.

Just hop on all of your accounts, or schedule a post with scheduling software, and let people know that you have a newsletter — this is a great time to mention the previously mentioned incentive. Let people know that it’s a breeze to sign up and give them a link to sign up. It’s also helpful to ask them to share the post.

There’s a good chance that many of these people follow your brand because they are interested in either your products and services or your niche in general. This predisposes them to want to show interest in the topics you discuss in your newsletter.

Don’t take social media for granted. These platforms are some of the most visited sites in the world. They can get you, subscribers, if done correctly.

Add an Exit Optin Option

There are going to be people who come to your website, don’t buy any of your products or check out your services, nor do they sign up for your newsletter. They show up, look around, then leave. It’s the “then leave” part we are going to focus on now. This is an excellent opportunity to pull them in and add them to your subscriber email list.

If they came to your website, there was a reason. They are interested in your niche, and therefore likely to sign up. However, maybe they didn’t see your subscribe box. Now you can change that.

Add an exit popup to your website. This is a pixel that triggers whenever someone tries to wander off the page or click the x on the tab screen. You can design these exit popups however you would like. Here is a good sample message.

As you can see, the goal is to politely suggest that there is a ton of information available on your website, and you don’t want them to miss out on what you’re offering. Chances are if they are people window shopping until they get paid or the like, they’ll sign up and become an email subscriber.


As you can see, there is a multitude of ways to boost your email subscribers in 2019. In many cases, these tips go hand in hand. It’s a great way to make your email marketing plan for the new year thrive.

For example, you can make a note of the incentive in the exit popup. You can also work at making your form easy to use while advertising on social media. The people who want to opt in will be able to do in seconds and get right back to scrolling again.

The possibilities are endless. As the new year settles in, there is no doubt that we will discover more exciting ways to bring more subscribers to your list. Until next time, don’t forget — every “no” is one step closer to a “yes!”