Stop thinking; start buying. That’s the kind of mind-set you want to create with every email marketing campaign you send. The moment a subscriber is given the opportunity to think about a purchase is the moment you give them the opportunity to hesitate on your offer. It’s not really the subscriber’s fault. People are busy and bombarded with compelling sales messages every day. Making your campaign stand out and demanding immediate action is vital if you don’t want your email marketing sends to leave cash on the table.

4 Email Marketing Strategies That Demand Action – NOW!

  1. The Perception of Scarcity: Nobody likes missing out on a great deal. But unless you let your subscribers know that THEY WILL MISS OUT unless they hurry, your offer will just sit in their inboxes while they take their time to make their minds up whether or not to buy. Let your subscribers know you have limited stock, and they will have to act quickly if they want a piece of the action. You might want to let them know how many units you have and how quickly these items sold out last time you ran a similar offer.
  2. The Early Bird Offer: This is a favorite technique adopted by event organizers. Getting your subscribers to book early for your events by offering a great deal on tickets sold before a certain date will not only generate much needed revenues (the lifeblood of any event), but will also take some of the pressure out of organizing your event by guaranteeing numbers of attendees weeks or even months prior to your event. Alternatively, you might want to combine an early bird offer with the perception of scarcity model by offering cheaper prices until a certain number of tickets have been sold. As your subscriber will have no idea how many tickets have been sold, he or she will be forced to react quickly instead of delaying his or her purchase until the early bird offer comes to an end.
  3. The Presale: Offering “favored” subscribers the opportunity to buy early and gain some kind of “early mover advantage” can really drive immediate demand. The opportunity of a pre-sale almost suggests that an item will immediately sell out when it is made available to your wider community – so they better act fast. The offer of access to your presales can be an amazing list growth opportunity.
  4. The Added-Value Offer: For a bit of a twist on the perception of scarcity, you can offer your subscribers the opportunity to buy before a certain date to get something for free. This could be a tangible product (for example, a complementary product or accessory for the initial purchase) or an offer like free insurance, free training or perhaps a discount off a future purchase.

How do you ensure your subscribers act on your email marketing campaigns in a timely manner? Share your ideas or comments below:

This post first appeared on the iContact Email Marketing Blog.