Email is a fantastic way to announce a new product or service your business is offering. The key to getting your audience excited about your latest business offering is by answering these four questions in your next product announcement email:

  1. What is is?
  2. Why should I care?
  3. What’s included?
  4. How do I get it?

Tell them what it is:

Get to the point. Let your audience know exactly why you’re emailing them, and the product or service you have available.

For example: “ABC Yoga Studio is happy to announce a new Vinyasa class” or “Our latest collection now available at XYZ Clothing Store.”

Be simple and direct in letting your audience know what is new. Use your brief, short and direct statement as your email headline or even your subject line. Within your email, you should also include an image of the new product or a picture that represents your new service. Yes, it’s really true that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s one thousand less words you need to write to help sell your new product!

Let them know why they should care:

In your email, tell your audience why they should spend time caring about your message. Tell them directly and succinctly what the benefits are to your new product or service that would directly impact them. Make it relatable to a problem they are trying to solve.

In our yoga studio example, you could say something such as, “Our new Vinyasa class is perfect for students looking for more movement and flow between poses. It’s great for strengthening the body and mind.” Clearly articulating the benefits of your new product or service can pique the interest of customers.

Tell them what’s included:

The goal of a product announcement email is to get your readers interested enough to click on your call to action. You don’t need to include a laundry list of every single item that’s included in your new product. However, you should include the main features that would be of interest.

In our clothing store example, you could say something like, “Our latest collection inspired by the early ‘70s includes Jane bags, jumpsuits, suede skirts, and more. All of our clothing is made with our promise of quality.”

A simple list of the key features of a new product or service will help keep your email focused. If you’re offering a special discount or promotion to introduce the product, that should also be very prominent in your email. For example: “For a limited time only, save 15% off any item in our new collection.”

Tell them how to get it:

Make it very clear what your email recipient needs to do to get your new product or service. If you’re selling the product or service online, a clear “Shop Now” button works. If you want to drive people to the website to get more details, try “Learn More.” If you want to drive users to call or visit, make your phone number or your physical address stand out in the email.

We have a handy call to action button generator for your emails.

Here’s a great product announcement email from Picjumbo. This email includes all four pieces of information that should be in an announcement email. It has a strong headline telling people what’s new. The sub headline tells the recipient how this new product can benefit them. The body copy provides a little more detail as to what is included in the new plugin and highlights their introductory price. Plus it has a big call to action button that reinforces their offer.

4 Aspects Every Outstanding Product Announcement Needs

Using these four must-include items in your next product announcement email will give your customers a better understanding of your new product or service, and will hopefully lead them them to click, buy, call, or stop in.

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