If you’re anything like me, you probably get at least 20 marketing emails a day, and some people receive way more than that! It’s easy for your messages to get lost in that deluge of emails hitting each customer’s inbox. Even if your email get opened, unless the content is compelling and captures the recipient’s attention quickly in the short amount of time they’re scanning it, it’ll simply be deleted or closed before it’s read or clicked through. So how can you ensure that your messages don’t get deleted before they’re ever even opened? How can you ensure your emails are read and your calls to action are effective? The key is to make sure your emails are engaging and relevant.

When you’re thinking about customer acquisition, the email is going to be the first point of contact between your brand and your recipient. As you begin moving forward with that customer, building their loyalty through engaging emails that feel like a two-way correspondence becomes key to maintaining their strong relationship to your brand. Loyal customers speak highly of your brand, building overall awareness and giving your company its proper share of mind space, keeping your product or service top of mind. In every step along this process, a strong email campaign is central to building a relationship with your customer, increasing their lifetime value and positive feelings surrounding your brand.

We’ve gathered 30 well-designed email campaigns to aspire toward. The examples span new consumer acquisition, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. Applying some of these approaches can help you promote strong customer relationships and foster feelings of excitement in your recipient that will grow their overall lifetime value to your brand. Adding fun pops of interactivity and using intuitive segmentation to target specific subsets of your contact list will help you grow revenue and your customer base. Check out the list and see if there’s any ideas you can steal or repurpose for your own marketing teams!

Hopefully looking over all those amazing campaigns got you inspired to design an engaging email to fire off to your customers! Take a page from some of these brands; whether you decide to add some animation, make it interactive, or go for a streamlined personalized approach, you’re sure to stand out in customer’s inboxes.