Chances are, your clients know about the array of email marketing service providers out there; they may even already be using one of them. So, how do you convince them to use the co-branded solution you set up with us? One of our partner agencies gives us the scoop.

Since 2010, Vyral Marketing has incorporated VerticalResponse as one of the main components in driving referrals and sales for their real-estate clients. They’ve become pros in promoting the value of email marketing. COO, John McMillan, shares three valuable insights into Vyral’s strategy for success.

Provide Value

Vyral Marketing’s bread and butter is creating content for their clients using video marketing. When it comes to email marketing, the value is clear, but clients don’t always understand how to execute a strategy that’s consistent and drives results. That’s where Vyral comes in.

“We make it easy and come up with educational content that adds value to their database. Sometimes our clients already use another email service provider, but not with much consistency. Consistency is the key to getting results. Ten percent of your database should be referring you every year, and if you are not staying in touch with them, that’s a lot of business you are losing.”

Integrate Email Marketing Into Your Core Service Offerings

While video marketing is their primary focus, email marketing is the backbone of their 3-Step Plan for helping clients increase referrals and sales:

1. Ask for an email when you meet a person.
2. Make two educational Q&A videos a month.
3. Call the people who watch your videos.

“We like to send two video emails with educational content each month. For example, if you’re an auto repair shop owner, send just a simple 2-minute video on how to keep your car in good shape. The strategy is the same for every client, but we customize the content for each of them depending on the market and their industry. After three business days, we send them an email of all the people who opened and clicked in the email. These are the leads they can use to follow up on.”


Vyral Marketing does all the work for their clients of providing content for their videos and emails. It’s also necessary for their clients to understand how to build their email lists organically, be consistent and understand the results.

Their website is packed with informational videos including, ‘How to Get More Emails to Grow Your List’ and ‘Six Email Follow-Up Sequences You Need’. Along with the tutorials on their website, they have a corresponding YouTube channel where clients can quickly access all the ‘how to’ videos they’ve created.

In addition to the tutorials they provide, Vyral Marketing designates coaches to each client to review results from every campaign. They walk their clients through the results to help them understand the value of a consistent email marketing strategy that will grow their business over time. “Our clients spend a certain amount of money with us per year and our goal is to increase their repeat and referral business 10x. Sometimes it takes a few months to start seeing results and our coaches help our clients track their progress.”

By providing value, integrating email marketing into their core service offerings and educating their clients about the benefits, Vyral Marketing is able to make email marketing an ‘easy-sell.’ Try implementing these ideas into your strategy for selling email marketing to find out if they work for your business.