3 tips to turn email leads into sales

3 Tips to Turn Email Subscribers into Sales

Hey, congratulations you set up your website the right way! You passed the number one rule of building an effective website, you created an opt-in on your main page! Now you have an opportunity to turn website traffic into sales. But how??? How do you turn email subscribers into sales?

Sure you can hope that if you send email after email asking for a sale you might get a sale.

But as mayor Rudy Giuliani said ” … ‘hope’ is not a strategy.” Let me show you exactly how to turn your email subscribers into sales.

Know the goal of your audience

What does your audience want? For instance, if you are on this article you want to know how to turn your email subscribers into sales. Seems simple enough, but we can actually dive a bit deeper and learn more. Why do you want to turn email subscribers into sales? Depending on the audience there can be very different motivations.

For instance, maybe you a 20 something who is freelancing, trying to figure out how to make money as a freelancer. You want to make a little extra money and pay for college, you don’t have time to dedicate to full-time entrepreneurship. Your motivations, and how you execute on the end goal are going to be different then say a person who is full time corporate digital marketer.

A mid-level corporate dude or babe is going to know how to set up MailChimp and write killer copy. You are gonna want to know all the psychological tips and tricks to maximize conversions. Take a deep dive on direct sales copywriting, and how split test marketing funnels. I’m sure you will geek out in learning that an opt-in message that says “my best email” converts better than “email address.”

Therefore know the goal of your audience. What do they want to do and why, take a deep dive into the mind of your audience and build an empathy map and buyer persona. Don’t know how to do that? Download this free resource.

When you know your audience like the back of your hand, reverse engineer their end goal and the steps they need to take to achieve it.

Map the customer’s journey and the major “roadblocks.”

Turning email subscribers into sales is a simple process of creating so much value for the customer that the sale is a no brainer. If you kow the end result the audience wants to achieve and why it is important to do so, you can reverse engineer how to get them there.

Let’s assume for a second that to achieve the end result, the audience has to overcome 3 major roadblocks before they are ready to make a purchase. Knowing these roadblocks you can create different types of content to educate and nurture the prospective customer deeper down the marketing funnel.

For example let’s assume the prospective customer wants to grow a personal brand using social media so they can have more opportunities, have more money and live a happier life.

Help your potential customer overcome the first roadblock by writing an article to drive them to your website. For this example, their first roadblock would be helping them create their personal brand. Once they are on your site reading an article offer them a “content upgrade” an opt-in that makes sense contextually to their journey.

The second roadblock might be helping them grow their followers on Instagram. As a personal brand can only exist if people know who you are online. Instagram is one of the best social media’s today for generating new clients and building a community. Growing on Instagram is super hard. This training helps the potential customer know exactly what to do in 90 minutes to grow their account by Instagram expert and consultant Emelina Spinelli.

Once you have them on your email list, continue nurturing by offering more types of content. The third roadblock in this scenario is understanding what the best hashtags to use on Instagram are. Offering a small introductory offer of a $11 ebook is extremely low risk for the customer, allows them to put skin in the game and give them a super valuable resource. Our ebook the Instagram Lovers Guide to Hashtags has over 200 top hashtags to use, tons of content examples to give you inspiration and has been used by hundreds of people.

Finally, the people who have gone through this entire journey are ready to make a purchase. Offer them another low risk, high reward way to work with you.

Using email marketing you can story tell your way into the customers pocket. Storytell to sell.

Turn Email Subscribers into Sales by Storytelling

Stories allow us to visualize being in the situations; it imparts the messages more keenly in our brains and allows people to actually remember. When it comes to building an effective email series storytelling is the only way to keep someone’s attention all the way through the email and get excited about the next email.

Storytelling also is the most effective way to communicate information such as why your product is superior to the competition. Therefore I want to share with you an amazing storytelling hack I learned a long time ago.

Your homework is simple, read the rest of this blog post then go watch a great Netflix series like Lost, 24, Walking Dead, The Wire. Pay particular attention to how each episode ends, you will understand what they are doing in a minute.

All these great T.V series have one thing in common; they use a technique called an open loop. Master email marketer Andre Chapron first showed this to me in his amazing course Autoresponder Madness. An open loop is an unresolved build up of tension.

The sniper looks down his scope, the crosshairs steadily work their way up Jack Bowers body and land on the back of his head. The sniper slowly exhales and pulls the trigger. You here the BANG and the screen goes dark! Than you hear the infamous tick-tock of the 24 countdown.

Your entire body screams “WHAT HAPPENED TO JACK!?” you have to wait till next episode!

So your homework is to go watch some TV! Have fun practicing building up tension and relieving it in your email series. Like anything else, you will get better at it in time!

One final story for you before you go.

Picture this, you are at an influencer event in Los Angeles. There are about 30+ beautiful “Instagram Famous” people there. This means super attractive woman fully decked out to look their best. These girls all have 50-500k followers and make a full-time living using social media. There is lots of champagne flowing, awesome food, amazing people to collaborate with, and share massive audiences with.

Every time I go to these events, I laugh as usually there are only a handful of guys. But it is always fun. Just wanted to share with you a quick peak of what influencer events are like.

That is how you turn email subscribers into sales. Anything I miss?