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Establishing an email list is a great way to grow your business from a marketing perspective. Your email list serves as your own built-in list of fans and potential soon-to-be customers.

Some marketers have trouble not only building their list but keeping people on it.

As you send the first email to your newest subscribers, it’s important to make a good impression. The subscribers have made an effort to join your email list and the relationship should be nurtured whether they end up becoming a customer or not.

The first email, by its nature, should demonstrate the nature of communication between you and your subscribers moving forward. If anything, it has the power of determining whether these individuals will open and follow the links within your emails in future.

Your welcome is up to 86 percent more likely to be opened than any other according to an Experian study. If you are an email marketer, there just isn’t a reason to ignore a perfect opportunity to kick off a relationship with your audience.

If you want your welcome email to capture your audience from the get-go, make sure you include the following 3 things.

Say ‘Thank You’

Don’t take it for granted that the new subscriber joined the mailing list in the first place. Make a ‘Thank You’ message a central part of your welcome email. There is no better way to add a human touch to your email.

That simple gesture could be all you need to make the new subscribers become loyal to your brand. After all, having positive feelings toward a brand has to do with feeling appreciated.

Don’t make the ‘Thank You’ message too general. Include the subscriber’s first name to capture their attention and get them engaged, right from the start.

Set Clear Expectations

At the time of signing up, your new subscribers have a number of expectations. Key among these is that they will get an email from you. What’s it you promised them for signing up? Is it a discount or whitepaper? Make sure your email addresses that since people love freebies and you want to use it as an opportunity to provide some upfront value.

If you want them to add you to their email address book, as them to whitelist you. Who wants their deliverability to be compromised? In fact, nothing is as annoying as sending an email only for it to end up as part of the spam messages.

Tell the subscribers what they can do to whitelist you. Let them know how that will be beneficial to them. Take for instance never missing an important email with key information or a special deal.

Collect More Data to Enhance the Experience

The more you know about the needs of the people on your email list, the better you can service them. Don’t let the opportunity to get more data about your target audience slip right in between your fingers.

Your welcome email can include a brief survey so you can better understand each person’s needs and address common trends. Ask the new subscribers choose between several options in terms of demographics, message frequency, and products & services.

With the additional data, you will be able to segment the email list and better gear future marketing campaigns.

If the subscribers have to go back to the website to fill in that information, make sure you provide the necessary links they will use. Who knows, you might just end up getting your next prospects.


Having an effective welcome email will make the difference when growing your list. Use it to your advantage.