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List Building Tips

At Optyn, we always look for ways to help you collect more customer emails. And in order for email marketing to work, you need to have a captive audience that will read the emails and respond to your call to action. Even though you are backed by an excellent product and you have the killer content to show off, your email marketing campaign will not take off if you don’t have a list of names and email of prospects and customers. In order to jumpstart your email marketing effort, you need to pay attention first to the collection of email addresses. There are different creative ways on how to collect email addresses. To get you started, here are a few awesome and simple tips.

Collect Email Addresses By Simply Asking For It!

You can simply ask a customer for his email address. JUST ASK! You’d be surprise how often people are willing to opt-in. This is a great approach if you run a physical store and your store is constantly entertaining a number of customers at the same time. You can instruct an employee to verbally ask a customer if he wants to receive a regular newsletter as part of the store transaction. Provide a logbook close to the cash register so that customers will find it easier writing their email addresses. If you can come up with 10 email addresses every day, this will translate to 300 email addresses at the end of the month.

Incorporate a Form When Discovering

If you run an e-commerce site, then one trick to do is to put a sign-up form on the homepage. Place the sign-up form in all pages of the website, in an area where a prospect will easily spot it. The sign-up process should be quick and easy and should provide short background information why leaving their emails will be beneficial. If you are just starting to learn the basics on how to collect email addresses then you can rely on form templates. These can be downloaded or provided by professionals who can give your forms a polished and professional look. In our previous company called Dealster, we made a living off of this. We “asked” people with a form on the page and we had over 200,000 Opt-ins that cost us nothing.

Collect Emails via Social Media

Ask for their email addresses through your social media profiles. You can put the sign-up form on your Facebook profile page so that customers and clients checking out your fan page can easily sign up and leave their email addresses. Offer something of value to your customers in exchange for sign-up. For example, you can provide them with regular flow of product or service updates if they choose to leave their emails.

Incentivize them!

It is a critical component to improving your overall opt-in conversions. By giving them something in return you can get more and more of your customers to opt-in. An incentive can be straight forward like “$2off your next purchase” or “Free Cup of Coffee”, but it can be subtle as well. Things like “Join our Rewards program” or “Receive Exclusive Promotions” can work very well.

So get out there, and start asking!

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