We’re a few weeks into a fresh new year and with that comes resolutions to do things better, more efficiently or maybe even keep up the good work you’ve been doing. To give you some inspiration, we’ve got 3 simple and effective tips to make your email marketing work better today and all through the year.

1. Win ‘Em Back

After the ball has dropped and folks get back into their post holiday routines, it’s a great time to send out a win back campaign. A win back is typically used to get folks who purchased or considered purchasing from you in the past, but haven’t in a while to come back and give your product or service another try. But, you need to be thoughtful about how you go after them. Many people may have post holiday shopping burnout or have resolved not to shop or buy for a while in the New Year. It’s up to you to anticipate the kinds of needs they have and appeal to them. For instance many folks resolve to get more organized, lose weight or be more efficient. How can your products or services serve those needs?

Or, if you’re in sales, you can reach out to folks who may have considered using your service in the past, but perhaps chose a different provider. See if their needs are being met, and remind them of any changes, improvements or upgrades that have been made that may influence their decision.

Example of a sales win back campaign

2. Remind Them of Your Value

During the holiday season and just thereafter, many people go on an unsubscribe bender in which they unsubscribe from any email lists they think aren’t providing value. This often happens because people get inundated with so much email during the holidays. In fact, according to Listrak, “Online retailers sent an average of 210 promotional emails during the holiday season, up from 177 sent in 2011, resulting in a 19% increase in email volume.” That’s a lot of email and that’s just a portion of emails that someone receives.

So what can you do to stay in your subscriber’s good graces? Remind them of the value your emails provide. What’s in it for them? Do you offer exclusive content, deals or promotions? Do you send specific content based on their preferences? Remind your subscribers why they signed up in the first place and all the good value you provide.

3. Polish up Your Lists

To enable to best possible delivery rates and engagement, it’s a good best practice to keep your email lists clean and tidy. We recommend creating some subsets of your list (called segments) so you can create more targeted content based on your subscribers preferences or engagement. For instance, you can create a list of your most engaged subscribers by looking at everyone who opened or clicked your last 4 emails. These folks could make up a segment you call “Engaged.” You can also segment your list based on people who have made a purchase and those who haven’t to better target offers and promotions.

By using these 3 simple tips, your email marketing will be off to a shining start in the New Year and beyond. Have any email marketing tips of your own? We’d love to hear them in the comments.