List Building Strategies

Let me guess: You are sick and tired of seeing the same number of email subscribers on your web dashboard, aren’t you?

You keep hearing from the experts that the money is on the list, yet as you endeavor to grow your email subscribers, you barely get any results.

At this point, you’re just about ready to hang your gloves.


Friends, don’t give up just yet, will you? Allow me to share with you this simple-to-implement, yet highly effective list building strategies that can help you with growing your subscribers.

Let’s hop right in.

1. Turn your blog commenters into subscribers.

As you can probably imagine, the concept behind this strategy is quite simple; when your blog readers add their comments on your posts, redirect them to a “Thank you” page then add a call-to-action within the page asking them to subscribe to your email list.

Here’s an example “Thank you” page from SEO Yoast that follows the same strategy.

List Building strategies

When using this strategy, I urge you to treat your “Thank You” page’s copy the way you’d treat a sale page’s copy.

Don’t just say, “Thank you for commenting. Sign up now to get your blah blah blah…” If you do this, your conversion rate won’t be as high when compared to using the tricks of the trade that copywriters use to increase the conversion rate of the sales pages they are working on.

2. Value-packed welcome message.

Let me ask you this: When someone connects with you through your social media profiles, do you merely accept their connection request and leave them be? Or do you take the time to say “Hi”?


Do you take the time to say “Hi,” offer them something valuable, and lead them to your sign up form so they can avail of what you are offering?

I hope you’ve been doing the latter. Otherwise, you’d have missed the opportunity of growing your email list when all you needed to do was to tweak your welcome template a bit, then copy and paste it into your message box.


I mean, think about it. How many connections do you have in your social media accounts? How many of them signed up to your email list? If you answered “none,” then maybe that’s because you didn’t offer them something value when you both got connected, and you didn’t ask them to sign up to your list either.

3. Youtube Clear CTA Landing Page = Email Signups

According to, they have over a billion users. When you check out their website’s stats in, you’ll find that they have about 20.50 billion monthly visitors.

List building strategies 3

I don’t know about you, but seeing all these numbers tells me one thing — YouTube is awesome!

You probably agree with me, don’t you?

With how active the community is on the platform, it becomes one of the best places where you can fish for email subscribers.

Now that we’re past how amazing YouTube is, let’s talk about how exactly you can get YouTube’s website visitors to sign up to your email list.

Here’s the gist of the strategy:

  1. At the end of your video, add a clear call-to-action telling the users to click the link on your video’s “Description” section.
  2. Add a link to your landing page in your video’s description.
  3. Add a clear call-to-action on your landing page telling your visitors to sign up.

I have to tell you that this strategy is so effective, that even James Wedmore himself — a seasoned video marketer that’s helped thousands of business owners — is using the strategy.

Before one of James’ videos in YouTube ended, here’s how he added his call-to-action.

List building strategies 4

After his viewers click the link in his video’s description, the viewers are then taken to his landing page.

List building strategies 5

With this strategy, you can funnel your YouTube viewers into your website, and into signing up to your email list.

What’s next?

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