Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and it just happens to be the third largest retail holiday of the year.

The good news? Shoppers are scoping out their emails for last-minute gift ideas for mom. The bad news? Inboxes are inundated with deals and you have limited time to send an attention-grabbing campaign.

Not to worry! Here are a few email marketing ideas for Mother’s Day that you can put together in a snap.

Promote gift cards with a… GIF!

Gift cards of both the online and physical variety are probably the easiest last-minute gift that shoppers can buy. The problem? They’re not super exciting, especially if you’re a marketer looking for new ways to promote them.

However, Blue Apron nails it in their Mother’s Day campaign. They’re not just promoting the gift cards; they’re using a GIF to showcase all of the amazing meal possibilities that a gift card has to offer. GIFs enable marketers to get creative and send more visually-appealing emails. And considering that visual content can see up to 650% more engagement than non-visual content, a GIF is the perfect opportunity to promote your products in a new way.

Package up your best offerings for Mom

Not everyone loves sifting through a website to find the perfect gift. Do the work for your customers and categorize your products by interest, like Uniqlo does in their Mother’s Day email campaign.

Packaging your offerings makes for an easy shopping experience, especially when it’s right in the email. You can take it a step further and use content automation to automatically pull in products from your website into your email.

Curate your bestsellers

Have data on your most popular products or content? Curate it and add it to your Mother’s Day email campaign to simplify browsing for your customers. Social proof is incredibly powerful for building trust and boosting engagement, which is why emails containing bestsellers are so effective. Your customers will feel like they made a great gift choice for mom, and all they had to do was open your email!

You can automate this process by pulling the bestsellers from your website into your emails. And to create an even more relevant experience, you can pull in those bestsellers at the moment of open to ensure you’re always sending the freshest email possible.

Deliver you best Mother’s Day email campaign ever

Your Mother’s Day email campaign doesn’t have to be complex – it just has to give your customers what they want. In many cases, that is a simplified shopping experience that they can access right in their email. Use these ideas to inspire your own campaigns.

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