With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s about time you start thinking about what you’re going to do in terms of email marketing. After all, everyone’s going to be on the hunt for the perfect gift for dad, so why not tap into your existing customer base (and extend your reach to new customers as well!) by giving them a deal they just can’t pass up.

Keep reading to learn some great email marketing tips for boosting Father’s Day sales, no matter what you sell in your online shop.

1. Send a Promotional Email

This may seem obvious, but it’s important we remind you that the best way to get people to your eCommerce shop for Father’s Day is to send out an email campaign telling people that you’re having a sale that’s just for Father’s Day, just like the one Foot Locker is having this year:

This separates your Father’s Day email campaign from any other emails that regularly go out for your business such as the weekly newsletter.

Just remember, you’ll want to make your promotions exclusive to Father’s Day. For instance, Harbor Freight is offering a ‘Father’s Month Sale’ that’s designed to create a sense of urgency among shoppers and would be perfect for an email campaign.

By sending out an email that informs customers you’re having a time-sensitive sale, along with giving away special discounts and coupons, you’ll encourage people to come check out your online shop and hopefully make a purchase.

2. Create a Gift Guide

Finding the right Father’s Day gift can be tough. There’s young dads and older dads, handymen dads and chef dads, first-time dads and dads with lots of kids.

Make it easier for your customers to find the right gift by creating a gift guide to help shoppers that don’t know what to buy their dad, and include this information in your email marketing strategy.

For example, Walmart created a gift guide designed specifically for those looking to buy a Father’s Day gift that would be the perfect addition to a Father’s Day email campaign:

Notice you can scroll through different categories – tools, clothing, tech, and sports – that help narrow down the options and find the right product for dad.

When it comes to Father’s Day email marketing, it all boils down to simplicity. The easier it is for customers to find dad a cool gift, the more likely they are to purchase from you.

3. Promote Bundled Items

If you’re really looking for a great way to get people interested in what you have going on for Father’s Day, try doing what Omaha Steaks is doing this year and bundle your items just for the holiday.

Then, tell your subscribers all about it in a special email, like the one seen below from Paper Source, which was sent out to mark the upcoming holiday. From there, watch your click-through rates increase and sales skyrocket.

This is a great option for families that want to buy their dad one larger, and more expensive gift by pooling their money. And, if you do it right by offering steep discounts on the bundles, paired with compelling emails to encourage people to visit your store, you’re sure to see sales increase as Father’s Day approaches.

In addition to these three exceptional email marketing tips for boosting Father’s Day sales, you might want to try including some additional strategies into your email campaigns to increase your chances of generating more revenue this year:

  • Offer free shipping (if you don’t already), since Kissmetrics has found several businesses that have benefited from doing so
  • Encourage customers to share their Father’s Day purchases (with a photo or using a hashtag) on their social media accounts for a chance to win a prize such as a gift card, discounts, or company swag
  • Give customers gift cards on minimum purchases to add to their Father’s Day gift or use for themselves (e.g. ‘For every $50 you spend, receive a $10 gift card’)
  • Include funny copy into your email campaign because, well, everyone loves a good dad joke
  • Segment your email lists and send targeted emails promoting specific products that may suit their dad shopping needs

As you can see, there are some very traditional (and not so traditional) ways of promoting your eCommerce shop this upcoming Father’s Day.

Don’t lose out on the money people are going to spend this year showing their dads they love and appreciate them. Instead, show your customers you love and appreciate them and give them a reason to buy their Father’s Day gifts from you.

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