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What are 2 of your biggest challenges as an email marketer?

Based on our work with marketers over the years, we identified two big pain points and developed a free email marketing tool to address each one:

1. Email data quality

If a big chunk of your email addresses are old enough to vote, or you inherited a list after years of shady acquisition practices, your list quality could be in major doubt. How can you find out quickly how much of your list is still good?

Our free email marketing tool: Free List Check. We created a quick and easy way to rate the quality of your list and point out potential issues that degrade list quality and hurt your ability to reach the inbox.

2. Creative inspiration

You could use a massive dose of new ideas this year. Where will it come from? You could subscribe to your competitors’ emails, but you need great ideas now.

Our free email marketing tool: The Email Creative Archive. We subscribe to email from thousands of brands – B2C and B2B – sending hundreds of different kinds of messages, from promotional emails to newsletters, alerts, triggered emails and more – so you don’t need to sort and monitor yet another inbox.

Here’s more on each free email marketing tool.

Free List Check

Suppressing bouncing addresses and segregating non-responders can improve list quality and must be a regular part of your list hygiene. But neither tactic addresses another cause of list degradation.

This is “deliverable but problematic” email addresses. They’re working addresses – that is, they accept delivery of your emails – but are worthless to your list because none of them belongs to a subscriber who wants to receive your messages:

  • Spamtraps: ISPs, blacklist operators, monitoring services and others can either create new addresses or repurpose abandoned ones to catch unsolicited email and punish the senders.
  • Forced opt-ins: Forcing users to opt in to emails before opening access to a purchase, download or registration.
  • Mistyped addresses: Your acquisition software should reject obvious errors, such as “” But sometimes that mistyped address will match a live address belonging to someone else.
  • Role accounts: Another category of email address with no human owner, such as “[email protected].”

We created Free List Check to help you see quickly just how much of your email list passes the quality test. It’s easy to use, and you get results quickly. You’ll also get a taste of what it’s like to work with FreshAddress to clean up problem areas on your list – but, we promise, no sales pitch.

How to use Free List Check: First, upload your email list in a .txt file. We’ll scan it for the four kinds of bad addresses listed above and compare your results with our benchmarks for those categories. Then, we’ll email you a report with our assessment of the threats they pose on your list.

We’ll point out issues that need attention and recommend one of our services to help you out. If the report is “all clear,” we’ll tell you that, too!

Here’s what the report looks like:

Free List Check - Free Email Marketing Tool

The process is fast, easy and 100% secure. It’s absolutely no-cost, no-obligation. All you need to give us is the email address where you want us to send your report. We’ll wipe your data as soon as the report is complete, too.

FreshAddress Email Creative Archive

Search and view more than two years’ worth of live emails in the Email Creative Archive – a real-time database of emails from a wide range of international, regional and local senders – B2B, B2C, brand names you know and local brands that are doing amazing things on tight budgets.

You’ll find every email a brand sends, whether it’s a promotional email, a newsletter or a triggered email like a welcome message or the entire onboarding process. If you don’t see a brand you want, just let us know and we’ll add it.

  • No more crowded inboxes! Do you use a secondary email address to subscribe to email from other brands? No need anymore, because the archive gives you everything on one page. All that email adds up. And, it’s hard to get insights and data when you’re searching and clicking and screenshotting and trying to figure out where you squirreled away that Bloomingdales holiday email with great animation.
  • Gather data quickly. Look for creative content around holidays or themes. Track frequency and cadence. See who’s using innovations such as dynamic or real-time content. What’s on your mind today?

ECA - Free Email Marketing Tool

Go behind the scenes. Check out the email’s raw code for email so you can see how the designers created that cool countdown timer or view it in a mobile mockup.

Did we say both tools are free?

Yes, free. Both Free List Check and the Email Creative Archive are yours to use. No obligation, no credit card required, no long registration forms with dozens of data fields to fill in before we give you the keys.

Try these free email marketing tools out today. Let us know what you think!