Best practices and tools to help improve writing for your email marketing campaign


It’s no secret that email marketing when executed correctly can be both an extremely powerful and cost efficient medium to add to your marketing. Companies everywhere are finding that by incorporating email in their marketing plan it has the ability to drive a significant amount of traffic to their website and business. In order to have both high open and click through rates your email copy is crucial. From the subject line to your call-to-action you have to be able to motivate your audience to take action through your writing.

Confused on how to even start writing your email copy? Stumped on why your past campaign’s open rate was low? We have compiled a list of 15 resources that provide you with best practices as well as useful tools to help you on the path to producing effective email copy for your marketing.

  1. 11 Tips for Writing Better Marketing Emails Panicking on just where to start with writing your email? 11 Tips to help you with the process of approaching your writing.
  2. 10 Companies that Nail Copywriting Examples of companies whose copywriting is right on point to help inspire your next email.
  3. The 9 Must Have Components of Compelling Email Copy Guidelines to follow to ensure your email copy is worthwhile and relevant for your audience.
  4. Top 7 Tips For Writing Effective Email Copy Why your email copy has to differ from the copy used in your direct mail.
  5. 100 Spam Trigger Words That Can Kill Your Email Copy Are any of these spam words included in your email? Words to make sure to avoid when writing your email.
  6. Feast Your Eyes on These 9 Examples of Beautiful Email Marketing Design and copy inspiration for your next email campaign from nine brands who did it right.
  7. 7 Copy Response Keys Copywriter Pat Friesen answers questions covering some challenges that are common when writing.
  8. The Copywriting Infographic A creative infographic from ABC Copywriting, mapping out 6 key elements of copywriting for everything from emails and sales sheets to websites and advertisements.
  9. 26 Great Tools for Copywriters tools to help with copywriting.
  10. 20 Great Free Online Resources For Writers Having trouble finding the right word or phrase for your marketing? This site provides 20 online tools that can help.
  11. 6 Awesome Email Marketing Powers of the P.S. The surprising power of P.S in your email marketing.
  12. 7 Email Subject Lines Exploded Ideas to improve email marketing response rates by NOT following subject line “best practices.
  13. Creating Email Marketing Subject Lines That Scream to Be Opened 9 great tips for creating an effective subject line.
  14. Email Marketing – Good Email Subject Lines and Super Duds From the good to the bad, email subject line examples of what works.
  15. Words That Sell This book has over 6,000 words and phrases to write better copy and help sell to your audience.

Looking for more resources to help with your marketing? Here check out these 45 resources for a successful email acquisition marketing campaign.