Would you say that your company sends out more automated emails than personal ones? That’s not a bad thing – automated emails are a great low-cost, low-effort opportunity to impress your customers. Investing a little bit of time in polishing your automated email messages should be a key part of your marketing strategy. This infographic created by Instiller describes 10 automated emails that can impress your customers – and what you can do to make them shine.

  1. Welcome! This first email gives you the chance to make a great first impression on your customer. An attractive, professional email that shows a little of your brand’s personality can be a great first step in building that customer relationship – and it doesn’t hurt to throw in a special Welcome Offer for their first purchase as well!
  2. Order confirmation. Give your customers peace of mind by sending an automated order confirmation with shipping information, an order number, and contact details for every sale. This shows customers that your business is legitimate and professional. Giving them a link to track their shipment can put you head and shoulders above some of your competitors.
  3. Reward engaged customers. Engaged customers are the customers that you want, so keep them happy! Special offers that give them discounts for themselves and a friend or family member gives them a reason to sing your praises.
  4. Abandoned cart! People abandon carts all the time, but not many sites will keep the cart exactly as the customer left it. Show your customers that you pay attention, and send an automated email letting them know that if they do decide to buy, they won’t have to go through the hassle of re-adding their items. You can even sweeten the deal by offering free shipping.
  5. After-sales care. The end of the transaction shouldn’t mean the end of the relationship. Show your customers that you care about them and their business – thank you emails, requests for feedback, reminder emails for replenishable items, and offers for useful add-ons are a great way to nurture that relationship!
  6. Come back soon! For customers that haven’t visited your site or purchased your products for a while, reach out with a Come Back Soon email that lets them know that you value their business. Make it even better by including a Come Back Soon offer or discount.
  7. Thank you! Your customers are the reason that your company continues to exist – let them know how important they are with an engaging and sincere thank you note.
  8. Be there, even when you’re not. If you’re on vacation or otherwise out of the offer, give your Out of Office emails some extra pep by including estimates of when you’ll be able to return emails, as well as a FAQ list that can help customers while you are away.
  9. Be on topic. Consider personalizing your automated emails by setting up topical workflows that let your customers see only the emails about things that interest them. This tip is great for businesses that sell many different products or services.
  10. Guide those warm leads through the sales funnel with nurturing emails that provide value and keep them engaged.

Automated emails that interesting or amusing and showcase a brand’s personality can go a long way toward building a real connection with a customer. Does your company put a lot of effort and imagination into creating their automated emails? Let me know in the comments!

10 Ways Automated Email Can Wow Your Customers