Do you know which builds strong business relationships?.

The olden yet a golden form of communication – Email.

Business communication revolves around emails. Many use emails to disseminate confidential information to the clients, promote products or services, and exchange information with the teams within an organization.

Hence, emailing has become a pre-requisite for professional communication.

The Outlook, Microsoft’s milestone has been a buzz word for email management for years. Many have used it for great business communication and collaboration.

Despite its popularity, many of its users are shifting to its alternative email clients.


Read on to know more.

Why do people look for outlook alternatives?

The reasons why most of the businessmen looking for a great Outlook alternative are:

  • The reasons why most of the businessmen looking for a great Outlook alternative are:
    Its premium features are expensive.
  • Many complain that the Recall feature of Microsoft Outlook is not working.
  • Its rich functionality makes original features complex while using them. Some times, some of its features obscure.
  • Outlook works best only for Windows. It does not run properly on other operating systems like Mac and Linux.
  • Only a few integrations are allowed, as it is a proprietary software application. It needs additional applications to manage all the information.
  • Its web application offers full-features only to internet explorer. For other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, only a few of its features are available.

What makes a great outlook alternative?

Having a rich-feature set does not make an email client a great outlook alternative. But a rich functionality and the productive features make them.

It should work on all the operating systems and support on all the browsers. Moreover, it should be easy to use and seamless.

Here are the ten best outlook alternatives you should not miss out in 2020.

Let us dive in.

1. Mailtrim:

Pricing: Freemium

Give a new elegant look to your emails with Mailtrim! Built by productivity experts, it supports Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Also, it runs on both IMAP and POP3 servers. This alternative outlook email client does not keep any IP logs. Hence, both SMEs and large corporations use it.

Respond later, flagging, email signature, event calendar are some of its features. Users can manage folders and many accounts without hassles. Its end-to-end encryption (PGP and S/MIME methods) and 2FA make emails more secure.

This fully-functional email client lets users integrate their CRM to communicate with clients. The Mailtrim Business allows teams of any sizes experience great collaboration from anywhere.

2. Zimbra Desktop

Pricing: Freemium

This GDPR-compliance email collaboration tool fits for any size and form of businesses. It is more affordable than Outlook. And it is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

This open-source email client gives quick access to email threads, contacts, calendars, and folders. Organizing folders is a simple drag and drop away.

Zimbra cloud, a SaaS version for email collaboration technology, has built with impeccable security. Moreover, this email client fits with any collaboration tools.

Users can compose multiple emails and attach bulk files and images. Also, users can restore trash emails, undo the sent messages, and do scheduled delivery.

3. Spark

Pricing: Freemium

Spark can be the best replacement for Outlook as it is useful for both personal and for teams.

Power up your emailing experience with Spark for teams. You can create a team email, discuss project updates with the team. Also, team members give in-line replies, chat in person or with the team, and generate reports.

Make your inbox more organized with its features such as customized email alerts and reminders, send later, email signature, snooze, email delegation, integrations, and easy search.

You can use pre-written emails, create links, and add comments to them. Moreover, automatic categorization lets your mails more organized.

4. Hiri

Pricing: Freemium

Hiri stands for simple and seamless UI/UX. It is easier to compose an email with Hiri. Its interior pane layout remains the same irrespective of the resolution of the device. It lets you manage many accounts on a single interface.

Users can schedule emails via the in-built calendar. And you can create to-do lists or tasks, manage contacts, and delegate emails.

Yet, this app manages emails only from Outlook and Office 365. Hence, it serves as the best Outlook alternative.

5. Spike

Pricing: Freemium

This cloud-based desktop email client works for Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Its unique features include real-time messaging, read receipts, text-to-speech, calls (audio & video), send later, translate, undo send, group chat, voice notes, priority inbox, and instant unsubscribe.

Many collaboration tools in one frame!. Users do not need additional applications to manage multi-faceted projects.

Spike integrations include Gmail, Hotmail, IONOS mail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, GoDaddy email, AOL, and IMAP mail accounts.

6. Postbox

Pricing: Freemium

Postbox is a desktop email client with Open PGP-encryption and available for PC and Mac. You can organize and manage your overloaded inbox using dynamic data fields.

This tool has various templates for an email signature. And you can use image effects such as frames, flip, shadow, rotate, and resize.

You can view emails in separate tabs. The advanced search feature lets you find the required email when you input a date range, sender name, subject, or any other attribute.

Also, you can share emails with other applications such as Evernote and Slack.


Pricing: Free offers more control, more efficiency, and more interactivity! This simple and efficient email client streamline your workflow like never before.

Emails split into conversations and non-conversational messages. Well-organized conversations by contact make users retrieve any email thread within seconds.

All the conversations are like a simple chat, and all the unwanted messages will be out of your inbox.

One of its unique features is approval. It requires the approval of users if any new person or company contact you through email.

You will have full control over approving or disapproving email, subscribing or unsubscribing newsletters or blocking any new contact.

8. BlueMail

Pricing: Freemium

Manage and personalize an unlimited number of accounts from any device – desktop, tablet, Android, or iOS devices.

It has a unified inbox that holds all the POP3, MAP, and Exchange accounts.

No need for a planner or task manager!. Mark conversations as email later and schedule the time and date through an integrated calendar. See how Bluemail reminds you of the time. Click on done to remove the task.

Cluster is a feature that brings people, services, and groups together. Enable it for group mailing. Users can have a clear view of all the email treads related to each group without hassles. And share emails on various messaging and social platforms.

9. Mailbird

Pricing: Freemium

Mailbird has top-notch features and outstanding app integrations!. You won’t forget to attach files because the attachment reminder feature reminds you before sending the email.

Store your data on Dropbox, Degoo, and Google docs. Schedule emails with Kin and Google calendar. Share emails on social media platforms. Use instant messaging tools like Asana and Slack, manage tasks with Trello and Todoist in a single interface.

Also, users can avail of its features such as the customized interface (layout and themes), merge contacts, unsent, in-line replies, multi-lingual support, and offline access, etc.

Moreover, the Premium features include unlimited email accounts setup, email speed reader, LinkedIn Lookup, and attachment quick preview.

What not there?

10. eMClient

Pricing: Freemium

This desktop email client allows you to sync your contacts from Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, and Exchange. It works on both Mac OS and Windows. You can secure emails with PGP or S/MIME encryption.

Facebook, Jabber, and Google Talk integrations make it acts as an instant messenger.

The basic features include calendar, task, reminders, and contact organization. This email client lets you view emails as conversational threads. Also, users can design emails using pre-built email templates. And they can compose emails within minutes using a spell checker.

Besides, it lets you have a backup of all the information and organize emails offline as well.

Users can also avail of VIP support, unlimited email accounts, Email translator, and license manager under the premium plan.

Wrapping Up:

Make your inbox clutter-free with one of the outlook alternatives. Streamline flawless workflow and keep yourself on top of things.

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