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As an eCommerce leader, you may be searching for specific marketing talent, but with a sea of freelance talent to choose from – how do you find the talent that you need? Your site may have a high cart abandonment rate, but you can’t place your finger on why, or you may need someone who has particular experience in your industry.

In this blog post, we will walk through how to choose the best marketing consultant for your business and a solution that takes care of the whole employment process.

What is a marketing consultant?

An effective marketing consultant needs to have a familiarity with your industry and your products, as you can’t afford to wait around until they become familiar with your niche and learn your business. They also need to be data-driven; able to analyze data and translate it into actionable insights.

Marketing tools and tactics are constantly changing, so you’ll want someone current with latest trends and strategies. Personality-wise – a marketing consultant needs to be able to relate to your audience’s pain points. They also need to be able to create compelling brand messaging that resonates with your audience.

Other things that a marketing consultant can do:

  • Evaluate your existing marketing strategy and identify growth opportunities.
  • Act as your outsourced marketing department.
  • Recommend and implement changes related to SEO optimization, social media presence, email marketing and website performance.
  • Get more ROI out of your campaigns and marketing budget.
  • Set up automated tracking systems, analytics integrations, email marketing drip campaigns, etc.

Why hire a marketing consultant?

  • Create a solid marketing strategy: A marketing consultant will help you create a solid marketing strategy that targets your ideal audience and figures out your Unique Selling Point (USP) that differentiates you from your competitors. An effective marketing consultant will make sure to spend enough time crafting a robust marketing strategy FIRST and then apply tactics to execute the strategy.
  • Guide your marketing in the right direction: Not only do they help improve what’s already working, but they also identify gaps you have in your marketing. They are familiar with most marketing challenges and know how to overcome them. An experienced consultant knows the latest marketing tools and how they can save time, and will essentially help you to scale work flows. Many businesses rely on their expertise to guide them in the right direction.
  • Allows you to focus on other parts of your business: As an eCommerce business owner, you are the wearer of more than one hat. You may have to oversee sales, HR and marketing, as well as payroll. With this long list of responsibilities, it can be difficult to give marketing as much attention as it deserves. Hiring one or more marketers who are experts in various specialisms will build an efficient marketing team. Having the right experts in place gives you peace of mind that your marketing is in capable hands.

Things to look out for in marketing consultants

To identify the right type of consultant, it’s a useful idea to create a checklist of requirements.

Ideally, you want a marketing consultant who has experience in your niche, who understands your target audience, and has also worked with small businesses. Consultants who have only worked in the corporate environment may not be familiar with the different organizational structures and resources of small businesses.

More importantly – look for a marketing consultant who understands your business and can empathize with the pain points of your target audience.

There is definitely no one size that fits all when it comes to consultants. You need to be clear about what your business needs are in order to find someone suitable. For example, a marketer who has strategic skills will be ideal to create a company’s growth strategy.

The increase of remote work during COVID-19

In the US alone, 35% of people work as freelancers. This shows that more and more people are choosing to work remotely instead of making the morning trip to the office. Remote work has boomed during COVID-19.

During the pandemic, employees could not commute to the office due to lockdown measures. The rapid rise of sophisticated technology means that people can work anywhere and still keep in touch with their colleagues locally and globally while working remotely.

Before the pandemic, only 17 percent of Americans worked at home 5 or more days per week, a percentage that increased to 44 percent during the pandemic. Remote work is as beneficial to businesses as it is to their employees. A two-year study by Great Place To Work of more than 800,000 employees at Fortune 500 companies found increased productivity after employees began working from home.

So, where do you find a marketing consultant that fits your brand?

With around 57 million freelancers, the question is how you can distinguish the best from the average?

While there are plenty of platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, TaskRabbit, and PeoplePerHour that identify freelancers by the bucket load, you still won’t be able to distinguish the talented ones from those who lack the skills and experience.

You’ll also need freelancers who can run successful marketing campaigns, understand your brand and its message, and your target audience. So where are these freelancers hanging out, and where can you hire them without the headache of the time involved vetting and trying to find the right expert to match your needs?

This is where Deep Job Platforms come in, it analyzes a candidate’s data on previous marketing campaigns, traffic brought to the site, clicks on digital ads, and lead conversions, and then you can identify the ideal marketing consultant to meet your needs.

These platforms also manage the entire hiring journey from candidate screening to onboarding, making it easier to recruit top candidates. This allows eCommerce marketing leaders to focus on building brand strategy and optimizing performance on digital channels like Google, Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn.

Bottom line

Hiring leading marketing specialist consultants will help you to create and execute a robust marketing plan that will grow your eCommerce business. By using Deep Job Platforms, you can identify top talent that meets your specific needs by analyzing their past performance in lead generation, digital ads, and social and content marketing campaigns.