Are you thinking about how to market your business using Twitter? Twitter is used by 325 million users. That means you can easily reach your targeted group through a single platform. Also, if you use Twitter properly, then it helps you to increase your reach, engage with your customers and grow your brand. Twitter is definitely great for an eCommerce business. But you should implement the strategy in a better way. Let’s take a look at 5 tips for how to use Twitter for marketing your eCommerce business.

1. Tweet at least 5 times a day:

Like all other social media networks, consistent sharing-strategies on Twitter are vital in order to get more exposure, followers, and retweets. The best strategy for Twitter engagement is to tweet more often. It is found that if you tweet at least 5 times a day, then you are most likely getting more engagement on Twitter. According to several studies, tweeting at 12 PM, between 2 to 3 PM and 5 to 6 PM are the best times to post, but mostly it just relies on where your target audience resides.

time to tweet

Things to consider:

  • Scheduling tweets in advance make things easier. First of all, you can discover the best content to share with your Twitter followers and add it into a schedule so that it’s spaced out over a few days. This will help you to maintain consistency when you share content on Twitter.
  • Spacing out your tweet is very helpful for your audience. Instead of your followers or friends seeing 10 tweets from you all in a row about social media tips, scheduling your tweet in a queue helps you to split your content.

2. Focus on Customer Support:

Customer service is the key for any successful business. Be interactive with your followers and keep your communication two-way rather than one-way. You need to put in a 100% customer service effort. Rapidly answer customer queries as delayed responses may increase the chance of losing the customer. Also, don’t ignore the negative tweet because a lack of a reply creates a negative impact on your brand. The rapid response shows that you are really concerned about their query. Take a look at few other stats:

  • 14% of tweets sent to major retail brands are from customers experiencing problems in the store.
  • 42% of customers expect businesses to reply to tweets within one day.
  • 70% of questions and complaints on Twitter go unanswered and even when they provide responses, they exceed 4 hours.
  • 45% of retailers ignore inquiries on Twitter because they do not have the resources to manage the channel despite the fact that 88% have a Twitter presence.
  • 31% of tweets containing company names don’t include their Twitter handles.

dell customer support twitter

Responsible customer service is always worth the wait for your business. In addition, customer feedback is also important, so, whenever you receive a positive response from your customer, don’t forget to re-tweet it. Make a great customer service handle like @DellCares for support. However, in order to ensure that your reply is relevant, you need to politely interact with your customers.

3. Automate Your Twitter Marketing:

If you are looking for ways to make your Twitter task easier for you as well as ways of saving time and effort, then scheduling your tweet is the best option for you as there’s always new content on your Twitter profile. With automating your task, you can tweet as many times as possible. Tweeting several times a day at particular times each day can be quite difficult. So, why not make things easier?

You can use different social media marketing tools to make the tasks easier. In addition, you can schedule your tweet for a month in advance, which saves you lots of time and as a result, your followers will grow. Here, I have mentioned some of the best marketing tools. Take a look.

Top 3 tools to make your Twitter marketing more easily:


This is one of the handiest tools, specially designed for eeCommercestore owners. It allows you to integrate multiple ecommerce stores so that your ecommerce product promotion is easier. It has advanced scheduling options so you can easily schedule your tweets for days, weeks or months in advance. You can tweet anything across the web or upload your own image and product. You can easily create and customize schedules according to your requirement with flexible scheduling for posting.

connect ecommerce store


By using the buffer feature, you can schedule your post for a later day and time. You can also attach a photo, video or animated GIF with your post. If you would like to share save time and want to share interesting stuff for your followers, then buffer will help you. The custom schedule for your post is great because you can schedule your tweet on different time zone when your followers are active on Twitter.


SocialPilot is another great tool for scheduling your posts on Twitter. It has advanced queue options so that you can easily add multiple posts in your queue to share on Twitter. It has the Google Chrome extension so that whenever you find interesting content on the web you can easily add it to your queue which will save you time. Moreover, if you don’t have any ideas as to what to tweet, then content discovery is the great feature that helps you to share interesting content every day.

4. Build your Twitter community:

Twitter is a great platform for ecommerce entrepreneurs to get information for growing their online store. First, start following people so they follow back to you. This doesn’t mean you follow every person you see, but you should focus on your customers, influencers in your field, your competitor’s followers, etc. Once you start following people, you should engage with them as well. However, the main goals of using Twitter are to build community and toengage with customers and that can’t be fulfilled if you are not tweeting about your brand. Let’s take a look at few tips that helps you in building your twitter community.

Tips for building community:

  • Tweet about what’s going on with your business;
  • Share quotes related to your industry ;
  • Recent blog post;
  • Tweet about thanking or highlighting new customers;
  • Interact with people by responding to their concerns and inqueries;
  • Stay connected to your replies, follow and favorite.

5. Be creative on Twitter:

Twitter has lots of important features that many people ignore. If you start using Twitter videos, polls and Twitter cards then surely you will make your tweets from ordinary to extraordinary and appealing. It’s easier to schedule many tweets to go out over time rather than plain text?

First of all, you need to set up a Twitter card for your website. It’s a great way to show your content when you share your blog posts.

Second, experiment with various types of content in your tweets. You don’t have to tweet or comment every time, but occasionally sharing your blog headlines and links, as well as your short video clips and creative images.

active on twitter

You can share your multiple product videos or your list of offered services with your customers. You can even engage your customer by including a Twitter poll that is the underutilized tool, but that can have a big impact. In addition, Twitter supports GIF images that work great and help you to stand out. Now let’s check out some tools.

Top 3 tools to make your GIF image easily:

If you are looking for the easiest way to create a GIF image, then here are some great tools for getting it done. In addition to animating a series of images, these tools offer a variety of effects and editing features to improve your images.

1. me lets you create animated gifs, slideshows and video animations with music online freely and easily. Moreover, no registration is required – simply start making your creative gif images. With you can create animated icons and avatars of yourself in order to share multiple screenshots in one URL or share it on social media. Also, you can adjust the setting and even add music. You can create it in any format like JPEG, PNG and BMP.

2. Picasion

Picasion is also a free online tool used to create animated GIFs. You can easily upload anywhere from two to ten images from your computer. Once you create your animation, you can then make adjustments and share via social network or HTML code. It has many other features like glitter effect, create an avatar and resize an image.

3. BlogGIF

BlogGIF is a fun version of an animated GIF creator. It has many features that easily enrich your images. Include text, animated effects, splash color, glitter and more. Decompose an animated GIF, make a GIF slideshow and add music as well.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with Twitter ads. Although they are not as popular as Facebook ads, there are still so many more advantages of starting Twitter ads.

  • Get followers
  • Generate traffic
  • Generate leads
  • Build engagement
  • Promote products

Whereas the target level is not quite of the same as it is at Facebook, you are still able to target based on keywords, behaviors and followers. However, try to post a variety of content so that your followers receive the content that can’t be found elsewhere. In this way, you will not only attract more people to follow you but it improves your engagement also.

Which Twitter tips have worked for you?

I am excited to hear from you which tips will be most helpful from your Twitter marketing effort – what works in getting more growth and success for you on the platform. Kindly share your thoughts and comments in the comment box.

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