The digital landscape has completely facelifted marketing strategies that were successful ten ago. While brands have begun to realize the importance of having an omnipresence in the virtual world, eCommerce marketing agencies play a key role in this marketing transition. According to Statista, US brands spent $162.9 billion on marketing services in 2018. This means an increased number of businesses are seeking outside help to grow and stay prominent in the market.

Another Statista report shows that by 2022, agency revenue in the US is predicted to rise to over $50 billion. If you’re running an eCommerce store, it’s important to understand what value can eCommerce marketing agencies add to your business growth. But most importantly, figure out why you need one. The article throws light on the top 5 reasons as to why you should hire an eCommerce marketing agency.

#1 Expanding Your Horizons

With an in-house team, you’re most likely to encounter repeat ideas. But an independent eCommerce marketing agency can give you a different perspective and pool out fresh promotional ideas and strategies that may have been overlooked.

When you work with an eCommerce agency that has worked with clients in the same industry, you leverage their expertise and best practices to help your company be on the cutting edge.

#2 Access to Advanced Tools and Technologies to Scale Business

The best marketing agencies are updated with the latest tools and technologies to help their clients to scale up their marketing efforts. Most businesses find it challenging to invest in training and implementation of new tools to their in-house team.

With a full-service marketing agency, you can have first-hand access to new products in the market. They understand what works and what doesn’t and can offer tailor-made recommendations that meet your business requirements. This saves time and boosts your marketing productivity.

#3 Unparalleled Expertise in PPC

Managing paid campaigns is quite a tricky task which requires expert involvement. A successful PPC campaign is a lot of work even after the ads are set up. Your ads should be monitored and optimized regularly to get the best returns. When you hire an eCommerce marketing agency, you save a lot of time and money because they understand what it takes to get the most out of your ad spends.

The agency will help you identify the right keywords, perform in-depth competitor analysis and set up actionable landing pages that match your ad. They make sure to leave no stone unturned when targeting the right audience and creating compelling ad copies that yield traffic and conversion.

# 4 Understanding the Creative World

The first impression is what matters the most when a visitor lands on your website. Believe it or not, 94% of first impressions are design-related. There are several factors that are involved when it comes to gaining traction in the virtual world. A good agency will have a strong creative team to help clients redesign or tweak their website that creates a huge impact on the traffic and conversion.

Having worked with several eCommerce clients, they clearly understand how user experience play a critical role in decision making. They understand the norms for retargeting ads, display ads or social media – the pixel size, video length, intuitive design/copy, and other engaging factors.

# 5 Leveraging In-depth SEO Knowledge

To thrive in the virtual world, it’s important to be FOUND!. Hiring a legit eCommerce marketing agency who has an excellent SEO team that understands the nuances of search engines has its own perks. This is because 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and 47% of people click on one of the first three listings. An experienced agency will be able to conduct a full-fledged audit of your website and brainstorm ideas, strategies to implement industry best practices.

If you didn’t know, there are more than 200 factors that can be considered into getting your online store recognized by Google. A proactive team will do everything that is necessary to align these factors in attracting visitors and converting them into leads. Work with an SEO team that helps you grow your business and not make unrealistic promises that can backfire your reputation and integrity.

Choosing the Right One Makes All the Difference

In the end, marketing is not the only responsibility when you manage an online store. There are tons of other business-critical decisions that require your attention. Choose an eCommerce marketing agency that loves to explore how to rightly communicate with your audience. Make sure they have a stellar portfolio, a history of proven track records and impressive reviews and ratings. For businesses that are looking to grow by aligning with current market trends, an ideal eCommerce marketing agency can make all the difference.