The new Star Wars movie will dominate the news, social media and pop culture in general this week, so be ready with any products you have in this realm, but also be really active on social media by tweeting quotes from the movie, posting favorite scenes, even commenting on the film’s Facebook page postings. The movie premieres December 18th, but the hype will be starting today. Watch for the hashtag, #TheForceAwakens.

7 Ways to Promote Your Shop This Week:

  1. Email out seasons greetings to all of your customers with a free 2016 calendar printable that has your shop branding on it.
  2. Start prepping for Valentines with special offers, gift bundles, gifts for men, gifts for BFFs, even your own gift guide Pinterest board.
  3. Try something more creative with your Facebook and Twitter banners to really get attention for your shop. See the winter theme Twitter banner that I did for my new site,
  4. At least 5 business cards should go in every package you mail out, and make sure your shop name, logo and url is stamped on every box and is part of your return address label. Remember all the people who handle the package see your shop name.
  5. Think of the trends happening in your space and then approach a local newspaper reporter about adding your input to a new year’s article (let’s say you sell pet products) such as, “10 Hot Trends in Pet Products for 2016”.
  6. Here is a little trick that sometimes works. Put a big “sold out” banner across one of your items. Let people know that they can go on an email list to be alerted when the item is back in stock. Put the item back in stock a week later, but tell your email list that there are only 50 available. See how quickly the item gets snatched up (plus you just got people on an email list).
  7. There will be other events that will be trending this week: National #ChocolateCoveredEverythingDay (Dec 16), National #HardCandyDay (Dec 19), #FirstDayofWinter (Dec 22) and #Capricorn (Dec 23).