However you like to construct your marketing campaigns one thing will always remain a crucial part – the data.

The life of a marketing campaign either lives or dies by the data – so what’s the best way to collect your customers’ details?

Well with numerous platforms available for your business to operate in and for your customers to explore, from online to offline, social media to mobile, there is no single right or wrong way. It all depends on what works for your business and your clientele.

The meteoric rise of ecommerce has left business owners and marketeers scratching their heads about many things, but none more so than how to collect their customers’ data and turn website traffic into crucial consumer pounds.

Not everyone who stumbles upon your site will want to buy something, but it isn’t necessarily because they don’t like your products or won’t buy in the future. Whether they are waiting for their next pay day or deciding between the black and blue dress or the white and gold one, there are many reasons why a customer could bounce off your site without buying an item they want.

The worry is, whatever has caused that customer to leave means they have left, and in between brushing their teeth and thinking about what colour cape they would wear as a super hero, they might just forget about your brand or business.

By placing a simple Form2SMS sign up field on your website, you can provide a path for that customer to sign up for gentle reminders about your products or brand in the future, and one that will be well received.

Perhaps providing an incentive offer to encourage your customers to sign up will give them that nudge to opt-in.

We are now more than ever, living in the age of the shrewd customer. Customers are shopping on their smartphones at the same time they are shopping in stores – but why?

Because they are always on the search for the best deal.

60% have used their mobile internet whilst in store (On Device Research)

65% of all shoppers found the idea of receiving targeted coupons to their phones attractive (Savvy Marketing)

58% wanted the loyalty cards to be replaced with mobile versions (Savvy Marketing)

SMS loyalty and reward schemes are growing in popularity with brands and customers, but to send out these loyalty messages you need the data and this eBook has some great ideas, hints and tips on just how you can do that – simple, quick and of course effective.