Emerging at the front of the retailer toolset, shoppable media is fast becoming the simplest way to shorten your customer journey, streamlining sales like never before.

Putting a full suite shoppable strategy to work across all your communications is right there for you, but why are so many people waiting for ‘The Platforms’ to do all the work for them? Great question, I’m glad you asked.

Yes, now, if you’re one of the lucky ones, you can now sell products from a bunch of vendors directly on Instagram.


This mobile-only feature allows you to apply a basic tag to an item in your feed that once pressed delivers your viewer to an e-commerce page. Sounds neat, but this technology has existed for some time now.

Shoppable video as a medium is and should be, platform agnostic.

Let’s break down shoppable video a bit further.

Today’s technology enables you to set interactive touch points in any video (or image), allowing your audience to expand on any product. Whether that’s finding more information or exploring availability to buy, the choice is yours.

Better still you can use shoppable anywhere you can embed a video, meaning you can transform any video on your website into a fully integrated retail experience. Stop grappling for customer click-through – it can all happen right there and then in the video.

If you’ve got an audience on social, you can also leverage paid distribution across Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram ads.

For online retails, shoppable means the sky is the limit for consumer engagement and streamlined purchase innovation. Now is the time to be stepping up your game and bringing these elevated interactive capabilities to your retail strategy in the digital landscape.

The most agile e-commerce hubs are already adopting shoppable into every aspect of their brand experience, so why are you waiting in line?

This post originally appeared on WIREWAX.com