The Secrets of Customer Retention & Communication in E-Commerce

Providing an excellent customer experience is one of the most important ways to improve retention and profitability in any business. A smart Customer Success strategy should always be set as a priority for any business in today’s market. Today’s customers are clever, connected, and terribly disloyal. They like to have various brand choices and just one is not enough anymore. In order to have a successful business, companies need to focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience and make sure that their customers always come running back for more.

In this article, we’ll be mentioning a few ways e-commerce companies can provide an exceptional customer experience.

Effective E-Mail Support as Form of Contact

Providing email contact that’s always accessible is probably the easiest ways for your customers to reach you. You can do this by simply publishing either a contact form on your website or a contact email. You’ll start getting all kind of questions from your customers and it gives the impression that you are a 24/7 business.

Delivering a WOW experience: You can make it easy for your customers to get in contact by adding a contact page to your store.

Be Present on Social Media

Social Media is the perfect platform to always stay in contact with your customers. Large companies are more responsive over social media than any other channels, and it makes sense as social media is very immediate. One of the most effective platforms is Twitter because customers often turn to Twitter when trying to contact a business. It might get a bit tricky because you have to be present all the time and make sure to answer as quickly as you can or you’ll end up frustrating your customers. A study by Simply Measured found that 99% of large companies are on Twitter; 30% of which have a dedicated customer service account, with 10% of the brands answering within only an hour. Another study has found that most customers share their experiences using social media; where 30% of them share positive experiences on social media, and almost 45% share negative ones.

Here are some great Social Media listening tools:

Delivering a WOW experience: Always try to be as present and responsive as you can across all your social media accounts.

Communicate With Customers on Live Chat Services

Having a live chat platform within your e-commerce website is a perfect way to let your customers get in contact. If it’s possible, you should always have someone available to answer all questions immediately. Live chat is a great tool to make your customers feel like you’re always available. A study by Econsultancy found that live chat receives the highest rates of customer satisfaction; where 24% of customers said they use live chat, and 73% of them said they were satisfied with their live chat experience.

Here are some tools that will help you deliver a positive live chat experience:

Delivering a WOW experience: Always try to find a service that lets you be mobile and available to answer live questions immediately.

Give Customers Value for Money

Customers never want to feel like they got a bad deal. If a customer feels they did, they will often either complain to others or directly to your Customer Service Team. Therefore it is important to keep a close eye on both what your competitors are offering and what they are selling it for.

Here are some tools to help with monitoring your competition in the E-Commerce world:

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