Holiday shopping can be a frantic experience. Even when you do it online.

We’ve all been there.

You fill up your cart, see if you qualify for free shipping, realize you don’t, search the web for a promo code, paste it in the little box, realize it’s expired, go back to the search results, click on the 15% off banner at the top of the search results the brand paid for, click through, see how your cart is looking now, then you buy (maybe). Repeat for the next person on your list.

Phew. All that deal hunting represents a lot of clicks (for the consumer), and a lot of opportunities for a missed conversion (for the brand).

Turns out there’s a pretty simple way to streamline the customer buying journey, keep customers focused, and optimize your outbound spend—all at the same time. It’s campaign consistency, and it can also help amp up conversion rates and reduce bounce rates in scenarios just like the one outlined above.

Keep it consistent.

Campaign consistency is when you create a continuous experience across channels. A common example: Begin with a promotion that starts on one channel (paid search, transactional email, social), and carries the same theme/offer over to your website experience. It’s a proven way to deliver better performance.

Cross-channel consistency doesn’t just mean making sure the corresponding promotional message is front and center on your homepage. Most traffic doesn’t go right to your homepage, and if that’s the only way for them to see the message, they’ll probably miss it. Test placing a clear message or thin banner on the top of every page to remind the customer that the offer they clicked on is still available. You don’t need to give up a massive amount of your site’s real estate.

Get the report.

The Ecommerce Quarterly report for Q3 2015 uses examples from brands like Bonobos and Missguided to unpack the success of their cross-channel campaigns. We found that campaigns that connect emails and the shopping experience on tablets improved add-to-cart rates by 12.8% and conversion rates by 2.5% in Q3. Campaign consistency across web searches and shopping sites on mobile devices in Q3 improved conversion rates by 9% and grew traffic 58% YOY.

UK retailer Missguided created a campaign linking the messaging in a promotional email to the website experience. The cross-channel consistency improved conversion rates by 32%. For more Q3 stats and examples from case studies, check out EQ3.

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