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Magento and osCommerce are two of the most respected e-commerce solutions around. But which one is best for your online store? We compare them both and give you the definitive answer.


Both platforms are open source and free to install. osCommerce is pretty basic, which means it can be much easier for people to get to grips with.


If you are serious about your online store, then you may need to look at the more complex option and select Magento as your option as it is feature-rich. To get extra usability from the Magento platform, you can either upgrade to the paid-for version, or you can add extra features tailored to your store in Magento Connect – the extension marketplace.

However, this will mean that you will have to learn how to use the platform which will take longer. Alternatively, you can speak to professional Magento experts and use their technical knowledge to help you get the most from your online store.

Multiple Stores

If you have a number of online store fronts, Magento allows you to manage these from one back-end, whereas osCommerce only allows you one which can have a negative impact on your SEO scores if you list items in multiple categories.


As Magento is the newer platform, there are more people regularly working on it. The Magento platform has a fantastic community of people all working to make the platform better every day.

Payment Options

osCommerce doesn’t have the range of payment options that Magento does. In addition, you can also offer coupons, special offers and more with Magento – which osCommerce doesn’t offer.

So which one is best?

If you’re looking at making your e-commerce business work, then Magento is by far and away the better option for your sales platform.