Looking for ways to attract customers to your ecommerce store, and get them to convert?

Use influencer marketing.

By integrating influencers into your ecommerce marketing strategy, you can win the trust of your target audience. You can work with influencers to cultivate a positive sentiment for your ecommerce store.

Most importantly, leveraging influencer marketing for your ecommerce store enables you to stay ahead of the competition and grow your business efficiently.

Don’t believe me?

Then, check out this stat: Research shows that out of all the entities that collaborate with influencers, 50% are ecommerce stores. It also found that most of these brands leverage influencer partnerships to drive awareness and sales.

collaborate with influencers, 50% are ecommerce stores

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But can the same approach work for your brand?

Can you use influencer marketing to drive tangible results for your ecommerce store?

Of course you can!

But how?

For getting that answer, go through this post. It examines tactics that can maximize your gains when collaborating with influencers to promote your ecommerce store.

Check them out below.

5 Ways Influencer Marketing for Your Ecommerce Store Can Drive Results

Ready to supercharge sales and conversions for your ecommerce store?

Below are ways in which you can use influencer marketing to increase awareness, drive traffic, and maximize revenue for your digital store.

1. Collaborate for Business and Product Promotions

Want to scale your business?

Leverage influencer marketing for product promotions.

And guess what?

There are countless tactics to achieve that aim, including:

Give Exclusive Codes to Influencers

You can give your partner influencers a special promotion code they can share with their audience.

There’s a bright chance that the influencer’s followers will try out the product since it’s recommended by a person they trust. The discount code just sweetens the deal even more.

Run Giveaways

Run a contest or giveaway using influencer whitelisting strategy. As a contest rule, mandate participants to follow you. You earn new followers and the influencer’s audience get a chance to win a freebie.

Best of all?

This tactic is a super-effective lead generation strategy.

Make it a requirement for followers to provide their contact information before joining the contest. They should also tag their friends, thus increasing the number of people participating and giving their contact information.

Convert Influencers Into Affiliates

You can create affiliate links for your influencer to share. The links redirect clickers to your ecommerce store, where they can browse and shop products. The influencer earns a fixed commission on the sales that originate from their followers.

The influencer then has to work hard to get more people to purchase since they are now a stakeholder in your ecommerce store sales.

2. Work with More Than One Influencer

Another way to leverage influencer marketing for your ecommerce store is to collaborate with multiple micro- or nano-influencers.


These influencers are cheaper than celebrities or macro-influencers, and can boost your reach using the right hashtags in narrow user groups.

In addition, their average feed post reach rate is also quite high.

average feed post reach rate is also quite high

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They cultivate an audience around niche markets and tend to have close relationships with their followers. Their followers also view them as friends or experts, and follow their recommendations with zeal.

Want to know the best part?

Aggressive influencer marketing can boost your search engine optimization efforts.

When multiple influencers direct people to your product pages, your website traffic increases organically. Moreover, Google may consider your website an authority since it’s getting traction for certain keywords.

3. Repurpose Influencer Content

An influencer marketing strategy for your ecommerce store can help you drive conversions, especially if you leverage influencer-generated content (IGC).

IGC refers to the content that influencers create on behalf of your brand while showcasing it in a positive light. These include reviews, sponsored posts, user testimonials, and unboxing videos that feature your products.

But why use it?

Influencers produce quality videos, images, and content that showcase your product in action or tells a story surrounding it. They also create aesthetically pleasing content that’s more believable than paid ads or celebrity endorsements.

By sharing IGC with your followers, you provide social proof that your products work. Secondly, it’s a great tactic to increase sales since it may convince a follower still on the fence to purchase your products.

And most importantly?

You have the liberty to repurpose the content as you want. Embed it in marketing collaterals, emails, or your website to get more mileage out of it.

4. Scale Content Creation

Want to scale up your content quality and quantity?

Leverage influencer marketing for your ecommerce store.

Think about it.

It can get challenging to churn out content at scale even if you have a robust content creation strategy. However, if you entrust influencers with content creation, they can help you enrich your content stock and maintain a regular publishing schedule.


They bring in a fresh voice and break the monotony of what you constantly publish. Influencers in your niche are also experts in a topic and can bring new insights or simplify concepts for your target audience.

Additionally, when they contribute to your content creation process, they are likely to share this content with their followers, thus driving traffic and boosting your reach.

So, to maximize the benefits of influencer marketing for your ecommerce store, get influencers to guest-post on your ecommerce blog. You can also re-share blogs they write about your products, or have them take over your social accounts for a while.

Alternatively, hold live sessions together, become guests in each other’s podcasts, and so.

5. Leverage Social Commerce

According to research, one-fifth of social media users admit to making a purchase due to an influencer’s post.

Leverage Social Commerce

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What does this mean for your ecommerce store?

Influencers can play an active role in driving sales for you.

They can leverage social media features like Shoppable posts, Live Streams, Storefronts, Stories, etc., to announce new products, share online live shopping tutorials or offers.

This content can then attract followers to your products, showcase their benefits, and convince people to purchase them right from the platform.

Ready to Turbo-Charge Your Ecommerce Store With Influencer Marketing?

Leverage influencer marketing for your ecommerce store to drive awareness, increase organic traffic, and encourage consumers to purchase.

Do you need help adopting influencer marketing for your ecommerce store? Share your thoughts, and I can offer additional tips and tricks in the comments.