Do you own an eCommerce website?

If you do then chances are you don’t like people exiting your website without spending even a dime. After all, sales are a priority.

But what makes people abandon a cart?

How To Reduce The Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate For Your eCommerce Store?
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There isn’t certainly one reason but many. Here are a few reasons that make people abandon a shopping cart-

Unexpected Extra Costs

Unexpected charges are probably the biggest reason why people abandon a website: a staggering 56% of people abandon their carts because of this reason before making the payment.

While shopping online, most people look-out for the best prices available and if they choose you and then find that there are hidden charges, they will abandon your website immediately. Hidden charges include shipping charges or taxes. Which increases the final price at the time of checkout.

Having To Register

A whopping 21% of people abandon their carts just because they don’t wish to register.

Let’s face it: people like online shopping because they don’t have the time to get out and shop.

So, they choose online shopping because it’s quick and easy. And if you ask them to register before making the final payment it can be quite frustrating which may lead to a higher abandonment rate.

Website Crashes

Suppose you found everything that you need and have also added it to your cart, however, while trying to make the payment, the website crashes. How will that feel?

Pretty annoying?

According to research by Baymard, 1 in 5 people abandon their carts because of website crashes.

Enough of why people do, it’s time to show how can you reduce the abandonment rate.

5 Proven Ways Reduce The Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate For Your eCommerce Platform-

Quick Sign-ups

How To Reduce The Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate For Your eCommerce Store?
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While it’s better to allow people to buy without going through the process of any registration, you can also ask them to fill a short form before making the final purchase.

But you need to keep it really short and simple.

Now you may also allow them to sign-up directly through Facebook or Google or just aks them to fill their name and email address.

This won’t make the process look lengthy and annoying. The best part: you’ll retain all those 21% of people who don’t like the long registration process and abandon the websites because of it.

Reminders and Push Notifications

How To Reduce The Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate For Your eCommerce Store?
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How about making people remember the leftovers in their cart?

People often forget to buy things that they added to their carts and kept for buying at a better time. And that’s Push Notifications and email reminders help.

“We had a big issue with cart abandonment, for compliance reasons we require a lot of info and often it doesn’t get finished. Since we added abandon reminder emails to our system we’ve seen a tremendous lift in sales,” says Joseph Tropper at Core Wellness.

However, bombarding the customers with plenty of push notifications or email reminders can irritate them.

By rule of thumb, here’s what an ideal reminder should include-

  • The Product’s Image- That will remind the customers what they left in their carts.
  • Call To Action Button- To let them know what to do next.
  • Service guarantee along with an option to unsubscribe (for email reminders).

No Shipping Charges

Do you know that free shipping is the best lead magnet that you can use to lure new customers?

As mentioned above, customers don’t like unnecessary charges at the time of check-out and shipping costs is one of those unnecessary charges. But what if you need to add the shipping costs?

You need to tell them before adding the items to the cart as all the popular eCommerce websites do. Also, if the shipping costs vary because of locations then you may them with shipping cost calculation service.

Use Exit- Intent Popups

You’re about to leave the website and suddenly a pop-up occurs reminding you of the leftover items in your cart.

What’s that?- Exit-Intent Popups.

Whether it’s for mobile or desktop, these pop-ups can be used on any kind of website. There are plugins and tools that automatically detect when the customer is about to exit and then shows a pop-up.

These pop-ups offer the customer with discounts or limited time offers that encourage the user to buy the leftovers in the cart.

Tools like Optin Monster can be used to integrate such pop-ups on your website.

Assurance of Security

How To Reduce The Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate For Your eCommerce Store?
mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

Now it’s obvious that people will prefer buying from a secure website and not from an unsecured one.

Around 17% of people abandon their carts because of security issues. After all, card fraud has become common in this tech-savvy world. A loss of around $800 million occured in a year due to credit card fraud in Canada only, let alone the other countries.

But how can you gain your customers’ trust so that they buy from you?

Add security badges to your website.

Security badges on the checkout page will help your first-time customers to trust your brand. This, in turn, results in customers finally checking out and not abandoning the cart.

Also, once they start trusting you they will keep coming back for more.

However, not all the badges are useful and trustworthy but just a few selected ones.

Some of the most trusted badges for eCommerce platforms are-

  • Norton Secured
  • McAfee Secure
  • Trust Certificate

You can either pick one or all of these. In this way, you don’t need to put any extra effort to make your customers trust you.

To Conclude-

Starting an eCommerce business has become a breeze with the right tools and right experts by your side but what has become difficult is to create a brand name for your eCommerce platform.

Regardless of what you’re selling, you have got tons of platforms selling the same. And in order to beat them and build your own customer base, you need to use the underutilized strategies.

There are many competitors but just a few of them are using strategies to reduce their cart abandonment rate and that’s where you level up your game. Use the listed strategies to reduce your cart abandonment rate and thrive as an eCommerce platform.