Cart abandonment is one of the most challenging aspects to tackle when you operate an eCommerce storefront. The truth is, we have all likely abandoned an online cart at one point or another. Several things may come up that prevent us from completing our order. The same can be said for our customers.

The result of someone leaving your website after putting items in their cart is considered a “lost” sale. There are specific tactics you can use that will help you recover customers who are close to leaving your website. We will also take a look at how to convert these potential customers even after they’ve moved on from your website.

Avoid Hidden Costs

Research shows that the number one correctable reason a customer leaves your website after putting items in their shopping cart is due to hidden fees and taxes. Here’s a breakdown of the other reasons shoppers leave a website before paying for their order.


Now that we know the number one reasons customers leave let’s talk about what we can do about this problem. A good rule of thumb is to include any costs or fees into the core price of the item. A customer may find 70 dollars easier to swallow than 60 dollars with 10 dollars in taxes.

You can handle shipping costs differently. The best course of action here is to put a sign on your storefront that says something like “Free Shipping on Orders over $50”. There are two reasons for this. First, it encourages customers to spend more to get free shipping, and you can avoid a shipping cost at checkout, which could reduce your cart abandonment.

Implement Chatbot Technology

Chatbots are quickly becoming one of the best ways to stay in touch with our customers. Another added benefit of this technology is we can use it to help potential customers if they are having trouble during the ordering process.

Live chat software can also answer questions or concerns customers may have about a product or service. The fantastic thing about machine learning based technology is that it’s able to perform a specific task, improve based on past experiences, and provides you with meaningful insights about your customer base and how you can improve their experience.

Use Exit Popups

In most cases, we see businesses marketing their products or deals as soon as the prospect lands on the page. It turns out that there may be a higher chance of success if we show them our marketing material as they are on their way to close the tab.

You could use this as an opportunity to offer the customer a gift such as an ebook, or you could offer them a discount on their first order. If they accept the gift, you’ll have them on your email list as a prospect. On the other hand, if they take the discount, you’ve just converted a lost sale. Here’s an example exit popup that you could use to get the attention of your potential lead before they leave.

Retargeting Pixels

Retargeting pixels, or website cookies, are another great way to convince people who have left your website to come back and complete their order. Once the customer lands on your page, you can attach a retargeting pixel to their IP address. After they leave your website, they will continue seeing ads for your product or brand when they are on social media or another website.

The best news about this tactic is that it gives you the chance to show the prospect you mean business by offering a limited time discount. This is a great tactic to convert folks who ended up getting distracted or changed their mind while they were in the process of making a purchase.


Plenty of business owners struggle with cart abandonment issues. Luckily, you now know four valuable tricks that will help you turn your abandoned carts into conversions and sales. As you begin to identify trends and patterns in those who leave your website, you’ll be able to make the necessary changes to ensure that fewer people leave your eCommerce site mid-purchase.