If you have yet to implement live chat to your website’s marketing strategy, now is as good a time as any to start. For ecommerce stores specifically, live chat can boost your brand’s credibility, deliver a better customer service experience, and move visitors further down the conversion funnel.

For a lot of customers, instant communication and accessibility are key for a successful customer service experience. Research by Kayako found that 52 percent of users are more likely to repurchase from a company that offers live chat support. It’s becoming a more important feature for ecommerce businesses to have that reduces shopping cart abandonment as well as bounce rate because it keeps customers engaged and moves them through the buying process.

If you’re looking to boost your ecommerce sales using live chat, here are three tips to get started.

Train your team properly

The difference between live chats that bring about conversions and happy customers and those that don’t is a trained team. If you rely on employees to keep your live chats afloat, you need to train them adequately so your business has the best chance of success possible. You wouldn’t throw an employee into any type of work without adequate training, and the same rule applies here.

Thoroughly guide your team through the process of operating live chats. Make sure you spend enough time, money, and resources on hiring the right people and onboarding them efficiently because if you don’t, you’ll pay for it later on. Highlight terminology that should be used, how to handle a wide range of emotions from visitors, and what questions and answers they should familiarize themselves with.

Create a character

To stick to your brand image and keep it consistent across all areas of your website, it’s important that you put a face to a name for your live chat. Whether you have a real person behind the screen handling chats or a bot doing most of the work, it helps to create a character or persona for your online messaging so users get a welcoming, humanized experience.

Many companies create characters to appeal to their target audience. OptinMonster, for example, uses its monster character Archie as the face of their business:

It’s easier to relate to and express issues with a person or character rather than with words on a screen. Personas make it easier for users to leave honest feedback so you can refine your strategy and make necessary changes to your business. That’s why fleshing out a character that’s relevant to your business and branding is important. You can give it a name, personality traits, tones, and more to personalize it to your brand image so users feel like they’re talking to someone familiar.

DuoLingo uses multiple different characters to help their audience learn new languages:


Optimize for mobile

You can’t afford to ignore optimizing your live chats for mobile. According to research by Stone Temple, 58 percent of site visits come from mobile devices, and that number is steadily inclining. If your website’s live chat feature isn’t compatible with mobile and non-desktop users, you’re neglecting more than half of your audience and missing out on potential sales and new, loyal customers.

Optimizing for mobile offers users a positive UX that leaves them with a good impression and more willingness to engage with your brand and purchase your products and services. People browse differently on mobile, so it’s important to recognize this and optimize your strategy accordingly. The easier you can make the process of navigating a purchase for your website users, the better the chances are of cultivating a loyal, satisfied audience.

Design chats to fit smaller screens and that have easy-to-read text. Type out shorter, concise messages akin to text messages so that it’s easier for users to engage. Split test different variations of your chat’s text and design to see what your audience responds to most.

Wrapping up

When done right, live chat can do wonders for your business including improving lead generation, increasing ROI, and cultivating a satisfying customer service experience. It’s frustrating when businesses are difficult to reach for questions, issues, or concerns. With live chat, users get the help they need much faster while your business continues to grow and prosper.