The sales in eCommerce platforms have increased massively across the world. In fact, the latest reports suggest that 2018 and 2019 saw almost a 20% increase in the rates. Certainly, there is no doubt about that. eCommerce is one of the best ways you can get enough opportunity. Online retail has come very far from shopping carts to voice search, artificial intelligence and voice search. But what is taking up even more important these days is artificial intelligence. With how intelligent algorithms have increased, eCommerce stores and websites can easily solve most challenges when it comes to personalized and segregations.

Here’s a look at how it is enhancing the shopping experience for customers lately

Chat Bots

The biggest reason why most e-commerce platforms can give you an entire day’s assistance is only because of chatbots that work so efficiently. Chatbots tend to give their customers the best solutions that they can easily deal with. Not only that but new chatbots can also help the customer make fresh new buying choices and decisions. These chatbots can communicate with their customers. You will know that either through text and calls.

Smarter Methods of Searchers

Without a doubt, AI makes all of your search engines much smarter. In fact, all search engines that are powered by AI tend to track all of your browsing patterns. It also searches according to that so that you can get hold of exactly what you want. As you continue to learn, you will notice that most search engines that are powered by AI will pull information from all the big data. They will use all the search terms entered and analyze all conversations that are held with the customer in a very deep manner.

Improved Cybersecurity

One of the biggest threats that can happen to any eCommerce platform is how they can keep all of their customer data secure within the website. The good part over here is that when you have the best AI development companies, you can easily improve database security. When you incorporate deep learning and AI integration, eCommerce platforms can easily keep criminals far away. Along with that, customer data will also be protected and untouched right within the database.

A Good Set of Voice Assistants

If you are still using Google search to find out product prices in the market, it’s time to wake up. Now that Alexa and Siri are here, you can find the products at a cheap and affordable price. These assistants definitely make the shopping experience a lot easier. These new tools allow you to communicate with your web services by using simple voice commands. This technology can easily be used in smart speakers and phones specifically for the purpose of voice communications. So in case you want the business within the shrinking part of competitive markets, you can jump into voice optimizations and more. Along with that, the market also suggests the same. Statistics and numbers also say that the internet will soon become voice-based by the year 2020 comes. Within a couple of years, more than 30% of the searchers shall be conducted using a screen or a device.

It Will Help Store Workers

While most online retailers have earlier experimented with new chatbots, there has also been some consideration on how you can replicate the whole amazing experience. Most home improvement stores, for example, Lowe has introduced a new and autonomous robot that helps stores massively. A good shopping assistant does the duty of greeting customers at the door. He takes them around the store, shows them proper product information while helping other employees in cases of emergency. This allows companies to employees to use their time more efficiently so that they can have more meaningful conversations with their customers.

Gives Recommendations to All Customers

When brands use AL, they can efficiently and intelligently scan and check the petabytes of data and use it to predict their customer behavior. They will also be able to offer recommendations that are helpful and relevant. This kind of intelligence is valuable when it comes to delivering a more personalized experience for most customers.

Starbucks is one of those brands that has used this process extensively to analyze all the AI. it has also used the data gathered on the customers so that more personalized suggestions can be made. For example: If Starbucks launches something new in order to utilize its AI to make sure customers can place orders with its messaging and voice command. The algorithm will also leverage a whole range of inputs. This also includes customer preference, account information, the history of purchase and all other contextual details. This also lets all coffee giants deliver and create messages that are personalized. This allows making recommendations for all of their customers.

The dynamic part is that eCommerce has massively revolutionized in such a way that when consumer shops in their dynamic worlds, many businesses like to bring the best of their shopping experiences to their online spaces by simply offering their customers a simple way to discover what products are they actually searching for.

Also, there is a special emphasis on hyper-personalization that could be facilitated only when you learn consumer behavior in the most genuine sense and make predictions about great details of data that is needed for all activities on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

This recommendation process is used mostly in eCommerce retailers so that customers can find the best solution. Amazon, for example, makes its best recommendations to all the users depending on the activities made on purchases made in the past. In fact, Netflix allows movie recommendations and TV based on interactions of users with categories such as action, comedy, and drama.

Even though eBay collects and uses feedback about all the products to make recommendations about products to users who have also shown the same kind of behavior patterns in the past.

This has somehow evolved consistently with many combinations and permutations. AI has in fact already put this to good use by giving instructions that are personalized along with recommendations to its subscribers depending on the preferences and we certainly expect this to develop fast within the coming one year.