7 shopping cart abandonment tools

‘Tis the season of shopping once again.

For consumers, the holidays mean scouting for the best Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. For you, as a marketer, it means working harder to ensure that your site has no major usability issues that could deter visitors from converting.

So, if you make sure customers can easily find your products and check items out effortlessly, then all should be well, right?

Well … not quite.

In March, Business Insider estimated that about $4 trillion worth of merchandise will be abandoned in online shopping carts this year.

Sure, it’s not all that bad – some customers use carts as a shopping list; they leave the site without completing the transaction, but with the intent of coming back for their items.

With all things competing for attention online, however, the chances of customers remembering their carts are very slim. That is, unless you do something to remind them. In fact, according to Business Insider, of the $4 trillion abandoned merchandise, about 63% could be recovered by savvy digital marketers.

To that end, we’ve put together a list of cart abandonment tools you can use to maximize your abandoned cart recovery rate and ultimately, your revenue this holiday season.

Onsite Retargeting

You’re probably familiar with offsite retargeting, where you present offers and reminders to customers who left your website without converting. Onsite retargeting is similar except you begin retargeting non-converting customers before they even leave your site.

A common example of onsite retargeting are exit pop-ups – overlays that are triggered when customers are about to leave a website. Exit pop-ups are most effective when coupled with a substantial offer or incentive that would compel customers to stay and complete the transaction.

Tools to try:

cart abandonment optimonk

OptiMonk is an onsite retargeting platform that allows you to display a message or an offer at the exact millisecond a visitor is about to leave. The platform can help you build your email subscription list and recover abandoning visitors. Optimonk gives you a second chance at convincing visitors to prolong their engagement with your site.

cart abandonment bounceexchange

Bounce Exchange is a SaaS service that utilizes exit-intent technology to track each of your visitors’ cursor movements in real-time and detect the precise moment the visitor leaves your site. The software, then, automatically displays an overlay to abandoning visitors to hopefully pull those customers back into your website and turn bounces into revenue.

Abandonment Emails

Email is one of the most effective ways to get customers back to your website and complete a transaction. According to Salescycle, abandonment emails enjoy a fairly high open rate at 44.1%, with 29.9% of clicks resulting in a purchase.

Your abandonment recovery emails may contain a simple reminder that the customer left items in their cart and information on how long the cart will be stored. Or you can include a time-sensitive offer (e.g. a coupon) to entice the customer to go through checkout immediately.

Tools to try:

cart abandonment rejoiner

Rejoiner is an email software that lets you automate your recovery email campaigns. It monitors cart and form abandonment and capture customer data instantly so you can follow up with customers in real time. It also has a feature that allows you to schedule and send multi-stage email sequences to cart abandoners.

cart abandonment abandonaid

AbandonAid is a shopping cart abandonment solution that can easily integrate with leading ecommerce platforms. With this solution, you can schedule and send automatically triggered messages and segment shoppers based on their behavior and value. You only need to add a single snippet of code to implement AbandonAid in your site.

cart abandonment bronto

Bronto Shopping Cart Abandonment Platform allows you to track cart activity and identify abandoned carts on your website by inserting only a few lines of javascript. The tool also lets you create, customize, and send automated abandoned cart messages easily with its drag-and-drop feature.


If you’re doing either exit pop-ups or remarketing email and now want to benefit from the advantages of having both, it’s probably time to move on to full-suite abandonment and recovery solutions. These are usually more sophisticated tools that allow you to combine several strategies to recover and convert website abandoners.

Tools to try:

cart abandonment upsellit

UpSellit provides a suite of abandonment recovery solutions including email, chat, dynamic surveys, and promotional technologies for turning abandoning customers into buyers. UpSellit technologies feature easy implementation and full customization, allowing you to integrate it into your website with minimal UX impact. The suite is also offered on a pay-for-performance pricing model.

cart abandonment salecycle2

Salecycle is a cart abandonment software with on-site and email remarketing features. This tool helps you identify and engage visitors who are about to leave your site, as well as reconnect with those who’ve left by sending them recovery and promotional emails.

Glass Half Full

An abandoned cart isn’t all that bad. It is, after all, an indication of the customer’s interest in your products. So, after working to make sure your checkout process is as good as it can be, it’s time to work on that little nudge to get customers to complete the transaction.

Come holiday shopping season, the little nudges will make a big difference.