Running an eCommerce website demands that you are able to attract visitors to the site and keep them there long enough to make a purchase or to return and make a purchase. The competition for visitors is stiff and innovative ways to win them over are constantly being created.

It is important to give customer-experience adequate attention since it can determine how long they will stay on the site and if they return. By following the measures below, an eCommerce site can ensure that their user experience is attractive. Online eCommerce SEO also can help you to improve your user experience. Nowadays 49% of people start their online shopping with Google Search.

Dazzle Them with Your Product Page

Your product page is a chance to make a great first impression. What will dazzle one customer may not do it for the next one so you will need to have a combined strategy to make the full impact. Have attractive and clear pictures of the product, add a product description that paints the best picture of the product and highlights its benefits, arrange the product page in such a way that it is easy to navigate through. You may also want to have genuine positive reviews about the product. Where applicable, include a video of the product so that a visitor can get a picture of how it really looks.

Provide Customer Support

Have you ever been wandering around a store looking for something and you wish someone could help you but there is no one in sight? A visit to an eCommerce site without any customer support can be just like that. A visitor is very likely to leave the store if they are trying to locate a particular product but they can’t and there is no help to get it. Customer support does not have to be an actual person, sometimes even just a well-organized search box can provide much-needed support. However, today you can even have chatbots that will answer a number of questions that a user may have about a product. But also you do not want to neglect the importance of human connection so a phone line or email address that can provide support is a good idea as well.

Go Mobile

Mobile phones are the main gadget to access the internet and that means many people will visit your site using their mobile phone. The user experience on mobile is not the same on a PC so you will need to adjust the site to be more mobile-friendly. The options you would have would be to optimize your site for mobile view, have a mobile app that can be installed, as well as make the site responsive. Since user experience is also about convenience, it is a wise idea to make it convenient for the users to pay using their mobile phones. Ensure that the process is flawless and secure.

Perfect the Checkout Process

Checkout is a very important step in the customer experience. This is where they give you their money, or they walk away and leave you empty-handed. This stage should be as simple as possible and yet secure. Complicated steps can make some people run out of patience and they will leave empty-handed. It should also be secure since the customer will be sharing vital information that needs to be kept safe. They may also have a number of questions when they get to the checkout and it is a good idea to have such questions easily accessible at checkout, but at the same time not too elaborate that the customer loses track of the fact that they are trying to purchase something.

Make it About the Individual

This might seem hard to do since you will be dealing with several people, but technology has made personalization very easy. You can begin by remembering the guest’s name so that everyone who returns to the store, will be addressed by name in the welcome note. It is also advisable to take note of individual interests so that if you share promotions with a user, it will be something they find relevant. According to research, it can be a turnoff to many if they are constantly receiving the information they do not care about.

Get it to Them Fast and Easy

You need to understand that most eCommerce customers are very excited about their purchase and they would wish they could get it even the same day. If it is possible, offer same day shipment or the next best thing. There should be no delay in shipping and where possible you could consider providing the shipping free.

Remember that new ideas are always coming up so do not stick to just these tips, take the time to find and experiment with new ideas to make the user experience as pleasant as possible. You may also want to pay attention to feedback since that is the best way to know if the customer is happy or not.

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