Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog that gives you tips to improve your conversion rate optimization (CRO). It is called 29 Handy Tips for Amazing Conversion Rate Optimization. The blog explained CRO and gave tips for beginners and for those more advanced; for some of these, you do not need resources. This week, I read a great article by Rich Page that lists twenty-five ways to increase online sales without needing resources, so I wanted to share that information with you. After that, I have found three tools that can help you convert more too.

‘How to Convert Way More Traffic into Sales Without Spending Extra Money’ In this blog, I list 25 ways to increase online sales that require no additional resources as well as 3 tools that can help you convert more too:

25 tips and free trials to increase your online sales and conversions

Page has created a list of twenty-five tips and free trials that you can use to increase your online sales and conversions. Not spending extra money sounds good, right? Here is the list:

1. Improve your homepage headline with CoSchedule’s headline checker.

The more engaging and magnetizing your headlines, the higher chance that your visitors will stay on your website and purchase, particularly on your homepage.

2. Offer a free incentive like an eBook or consultation to capture emails.

Getting your visitor’s email means you can follow up using email marketing and get your visitor to purchase in the future.

3. Analyze your form drop off rate using a free trial of Formisimo.

Having confusing or unnecessary fields in your forms will lower the chances of visitors completing them.

4. Use short testimonials on your homepage to build more social proof.

Improving your testimonials is one of the best ways of increasing social proof and sales. Make them short and focused on benefits, and use photos or logos to make them believable.

5. A/B test a radically new homepage with Google Optimize.

Testing a radically different improved homepage (style, layout, and improved focus on call-to-actions) will have a high chance of increasing your sales. This new free tool helps you do this quickly and easily.

6. State your unique value proposition clearly on your homepage above the page fold.

Do not presume visitors know the benefits of using your site rather than that of a competitor.

7. Create landing pages for your PPC traffic with a free trial of LanderApp.

Do not just send your paid search visitors to your homepage. Rather, build more targeted landing pages for each of your keywords to increase visitor engagement and sales.

8. Add a tagline under your logo to help explain your unique value proposition.

Your logo is one of the first things visitors see. Showing a tagline right under there quickly explains your unique value proposition to your visitors.

9. Use a free trial of Olark to get live feedback from your visitors.

Using a free web chat tool to ask visitors their issues and what they think is lacking will help you come up with great ideas for improving your website.

10. Mention ’100% Safe and Secure’ in your cart and checkout pages.

Reducing visitor’s purchase worry on these pages, where it will be highest, is key for reducing cart abandonment and increasing sales. Adding this simple wording with a trust seal will really help.

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11. Get website usability feedback from visitors using a free trial of TryMyUI.

This tool helps you gain great feedback and website improving ideas from people using your website.

12. Run an A/B test for the subject line of your next email campaign.

Your emails are an extension of your website, and testing them can also have a huge impact on driving more high-quality repeat traffic.

13. Try buying or signing up on your own website to check for issues.

Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes and see how easy buying or signing up is and what could be improved. Additional tip: get your mom or dad to try too.

14. Run a free test at FiveSecondTest to find what your visitors think.

It is important to understand your visitor’s initial reactions to your site. If they do not understand it, they will not stay and convert.

15. Reduce the risk of purchase for visitors with prominent guarantees and free shipping.

Prominently show money back guarantee seals and offers for free shipping (and ideally free returns) on your homepage and product pages.

16. Get rid of your homepage slider and replace with a good static image.

Homepage sliders often have too many slides and slide too quickly. A powerful image and headline can often work much better.

17. Improve your web page load time using Google Page Speed.

Reducing page load time helps decrease the chances of visitors leaving prematurely and Google gives rankings boosts to websites that load quickest.

18. On your forms, clearly state that you will not spam your visitors.

To increase form completions, make sure you clearly state that you will not spam visitors or sell their email address.

19. Try a better e-commerce platform using the BigCommerce free trial.

Rather than trying to improve your e-commerce site, consider switching to another platform with built-in conversion optimization best practices.

20. Use Browserling to check if your website looks broken on any browsers.

Even slight differences in how browsers show CSS can make a website look broken, increasing website exits and reducing sales. This tool helps you check quickly.

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21. Add a good call-to-action button at the end of your web pages.

Make sure your key pages do not have a dead end: show visitors a good call-to-action at the end to check out your other content/products.

22. Create a mobile optimized website using a free trial of Dudamobile.

Make sure you better meet your visitors’ needs on their smart phones. This service lets you convert your existing site into a mobile friendly version.

23. Create major use cases for visitors and make sure your homepage solves them.

Make sure your homepage helps visitors easily achieve their most common tasks (use cases). If you do not, they will leave and find another site that does.

24. Discover what your visitors are really doing using Hotjar.

Do not presume you know what your visitors are clicking on. This click heat map tool helps you understand better and make improvements. Fortunately, it has a basic free plan.

25. Declutter your side bars to focus on your most important content.

Side bars often become very cluttered and visitors may miss key content in them. Declutter yours to show only the most important content relating to your key goals.

How to Convert Way More Traffic into Sales Without Spending Extra Money

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3 tools to improve your conversion rate

The tips above do not cost you anything and most of the tools mentioned have free trials or free basic plans. In another recent article, Thomas Smale lists three tools that can help you improve your conversion rate. Two of them have free trials too and one only costs three percent of generated sales, so if it does not work, you do not pay anything. That is worth a read too, right?

1. GrooveJar

GrooveJar is a tool to boost your conversion rate. It is a popup solution that helps convert nine percent or more of your visitors into leads by utilizing psychological triggers and urgency to get them to act. It will then automatically send an email campaign to new subscribers and urge them to make a purchase, thereby increasing your conversion rate.

You can immediately start generating more leads, leading to more sales, given the right email strategy. People do not always purchase the moment they land on a website but they may sign up to receive emails from you. This gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with them and convert leads through nurturing. GrooveJar offers a 14-day free trial.

2. MageMail

For Magento users, MageMail is a tool for delivering triggered emails to your audience. It can put your email marketing on virtual autopilot and help you increase your sales by five percent to ten percent.

You can easily set up a variety of campaigns, including abandoned-cart reminders, product-review requests, recommendation emails, purchase anniversary and birthday emails, customer re-activation campaigns and more. This makes personalized marketing easy and can drive highly targeted traffic back to your site to make purchases. It can also boost the credibility and social proof of your website. MageMail costs three percent of generated sales.

3. Wheelio

Wheelio allows you to set up exit-intent, time-trigger, and tab-trigger pop-ups that grab the attention of your visitors and invite them to sign up to receive communication from you through gamification. Your visitors are rewarded with coupons. These are not just given; they are earned, which makes them more valuable in their eyes. Wheelio boasts a nine percent conversion rate and has a free trial of seven days.

Quickly improve your lead generation

I hope these tips and tools enable you to convert more of your traffic into sales.