Selecting the most suitable e-commerce platform for developing, managing and maintaining an e-commerce website is critically important, as it can be the deciding factor responsible for either the success or failure of your business. Magento and WordPress have become a common topic of discussion when it comes to e-Commerce development. Both are Content Management Systems (CMS) and come loaded with exemplary features that help online retailers to set up high-end functional e-stores. Most often retails get confused in choosing the right platform for developing their online store. As web development companies, they are experts in delivering perfect and clearly coded CMS and e-Commerce web development solutions. Once you hire PHP developer for your projects, you simplify the development task and the product delivery procedures.

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Most of the web development companies specialize in building custom WordPress and Magento eCommerce websites. The major difference between the two is that programming contained in WordPress is based on the set of PHP scripts, while Magento is powered by the object-oriented concept, and involves a number of files and folders. In today’s modern world, hire PHP developers who have the experience to comprehend custom needs of the businesses and create web applications having high-end functionalities with the best performances. Hire PHP developers for you web development team who are exceptionally talented, trained as well as experienced in developing high-quality website strictly following development standards. Hire PHP developers who have the potential and the ability to generate web solutions that can satisfy your WordPress or Magento development requirements. Highlighted below are some of the benefits and downsides of the two popular solutions – Magento and WordPress – to help you make the right decision for your business.

WordPress Intro

WordPress is a popular open source publishing tool and content management system. It is popular – as it features a plug-in architecture and template system in addition to being very user-friendly. WordPress is content-driven and is one of the most sought after blogging platform.

More than 17% of the Web or over 6 million websites is powered by WordPress.
Even eBay Inc., which owns Magento uses it to publish their blogs.

Magento Intro

Like WordPress, Magento is built on open source technology. It is a feature-rich eCommerce platform trusted by more than 150,000 world-class retailers, including some of the world’s leading brands ranging from small websites to large multinational businesses. To get in the way of customization with Magento and also to get into the complexity, you will probably have to hire PHP developer, to maintain the long-term health of your website.

Magento offers a level of functionality and customization that provides merchants with the flexibility and control to create online stores that fit their business needs while also supplying powerful features like marketing, multi-store management, mobile commerce, search engine optimization, business reports, and catalog management tools. If you hire PHP developers, then it is easy to get started with Magento as they also facilitate the use of plug-ins for additional features. Magento also supports the creation of complex content pages, version controls, and menus – much like WordPress.

Magento vs. WordPress: The Similarities

Whichever platform you choose, you are sure to get the benefits of open source platform as both of them are available for free. Both these platforms allow their users to integrate blogging as part of their functionalities thus allowing users to generate content related to their business. The addition of products is very simple using both these platforms. Both these platforms provide interesting themes and absolutely brilliant customization for your e-Commerce website. If you are looking for a resourceful web application development solution for your business, then hire PHP developers to accomplish your project needs.

On the surface, the two platforms may seem similar. They both are highly customizable, and are very SEO friendly can be extensively themed and feature a strong online support community. In addition, they are both essentially content management system, enabling you to add, modify and manage your content in a simple yet effective manner. Hiring a PHP developer will give you access to professionals who would work exclusively for your enterprise web projects.

Magento vs. WordPress: The Differences

  1. Purpose: If your purpose is to sell products via your e-shop, it is better to hook to Magento. Its functionalities are aimed at building a site for selling numerous products online. If you want to increase your outreach and stand out amidst the crowd, you should hire PHP developers to generate dynamic web applications. Thus Magento fits your bill when you want to mainly focus on forming a business structure for selling products. However, if your focus primarily lies in managing the content and selling few products, then WordPress best fits your needs. So, if you are planning to develop a site for providing news update and great content, and you are just selling few items then definitely WordPress will work in a better manner for you.
  2. E-Commerce Plugins: WordPress is well known for offering a lot of plugins. It also offers lots of e-Commerce third-party plug-ins. For instance, it provides plug-ins that help to integrate the client’s e-store into the WordPress theme. On the other hand, Magento does not need plugins for embedding e-commerce features and functions on the site – as it is developed primarily for offering eCommerce solutions.
  3. Security: Integrating third-party plugins in WordPress make the site less secure and reliable which is not a good thing, especially when you are selling products. Magento is more secure as it comes built in with options that enable you to add payment gateways and other interfaces. You should hire PHP developers for your project; as they would provide you with the best security solutions for your business.
  4. Development: Working with WordPress is pretty easier than Magento platform. When you hire PHP developers, you can be sure that you will be working with highly skilled and experienced professionals who are proficient in PHP and all the major PHP frameworks. Whereas Magento is larger and is broken into a lot deeper parts in comparison to the WordPress, one may feel difficult to work with Magento platform. Get robust web development solutions by hiring PHP developers who are experienced on Magento platform.

So which option is better WordPress or Magento?

The answer to this question depends on your needs because both of them are brilliant platforms and have their own purposes. Before picking one of these e-Commerce platforms do not forget to chalk down the requirements of your website and expectations of its future features.

It is quite clear that Magento is the most efficient and recommended alternative to WordPress when it comes to selling products online, but it is far more complex and requires the expertise of a professional to develop it. When you hire PHP developer, experts in web development, you can be assured that their work will impress your clients at all times. As WordPress continues to evolve, we can expect a better solution for large businesses and easier to use management tool. WordPress will continue to provide a reliable content management system while Magento remains the ultimate choice for selling products online. If you understand that a quality, fully-feature-implemented e-Commerce website makes the deal or provides you with a successful business, then Magento – as the most featured platform – is your best shot, with WordPress as an alternative.