Sellers and Vendors should always be looking for ways to differentiate their products from the competition. One way that Amazon vendors can do this is by adding Amazon A+ Detail Pages to their listings. A+ content is completely customizable and can provide incredible benefits to your product pages.

Every vendor should consider utilizing A+ content on their listings. They help your product listing pop on both mobile and desktop, and can turn more shoppers into customers. We’ve pulled together everything that you need to know about adding this content to your listing.

The tips we have provided are based on our experience creating Amazon A+ detail pages for 30+ Vendor Central clients. We believe that following these tips will help you create high-quality content that will help your product listings. Take our advice and test your own touches to see how you can improve A+ detail pages and give your product a huge leg up on Amazon.

What You Should Know About Amazon A Detail Pages

Amazon Vendor Central users need to understand some important aspects of A+ detail pages. Firstly, A+ detail pages show up on a listing in place of product descriptions. Amazon removes that section in place of the A+ detail pages because that content should describe the product thoroughly.

Amazon A+ detail pages are also not indexed by Amazon. Having A+ pages on your listing does not provide any organic ranking boost. However, Amazon A+ detail pages do provide other benefits for your listings. They can have a drastic impact on conversions rates. Enhanced Brand Content, or the A+ equivalent on Seller Central, essentially functions the same as A+ content. Our research has shown that adding this type of content can help increase sales 5%-20%. We believe A+ detail pages have the same impact due to their similarity.

The images and text you use in the A+ content cannot be used in the existing product photos. Amazon will allow lifestyle images if the image clear depicts the product being used. Also, you cannot mention competitor products or listings in your A+ detail pages. Amazon reserves the right to remove any content so it is important to follow these guidelines to ensure your Amazon A+ Detail pages get approved and stay there.

Create High-Quality A Detail Pages

There are a few things that you can do today to ensure your A+ detail pages are well made. We’ve added our top tips for making content that will stand out. Using these guidelines will provide the conversion boost your listing needs.


Amazon A+ detail pages are fully customizable, but there are limits. Amazon allows you to use 5 separate modules in your A+ content. We recommend always using the maximum number of modules. There are so many great pieces of content that can be built into you’re A+ content that it should not be a challenge to take up all 5 modules.

Sizing & Resolution

A+ modules have different resolution and sizing guidelines. Each image needs to follow those guidelines or your A+ content will be rejected. The full chart of the sizing requirements is below:


You should always proofread your listings to ensure there are no grammatical or sentence structure issues. The A+ detail page approval process can take a few days. However, most are processed within a 24-48-hour period. Discovering an error down the road and fixing the content requires you to resubmit the A+ content and wait again to see the changes go live.

There are also certain symbols and special characters that can prevent you from submitting your listing or get the approval rejected. Don’t use trademark, copyright or similar marks in your content. Also, you cannot include html links in your content. Certain modules will allow you to link to other products but that is usually through a button or image – not the link itself.

Using Banners

You can use banners to break up the flow of your A+ content pages. Sections that are text-heavy should be separated by brand images in a banner. The banners can also be a way to highlight product features and grab the shoppers’ attention. Banners can be problematic on mobile however.

Adding Charts

Charts can be a valuable guide for consumers to compare your product catalog. Comparison charts can allow shoppers to find other products you sell without ever leaving your listing. They can also help create happier customers by detailing exactly what features each product has. Further, they can be used to upsell other products with better or premium features.

Text vs. Visual

Similar to the points about upselling in the previous tip, knowing when to utilize text and images can help guide the customer purchase process. Determine whether your goal is to sell your existing product or another product as an upswell when making comparisons. Using high quality images and more descriptive text on the focus product can help steer shoppers to that product. A product with lesser features or benefits does not need to be described in as much depth.

A+ content should be much more visual than text-heavy. The goal of A+ detail pages is to help customers make a quick decision that your product is the best. Displaying that can be much simpler through an image than a block of text.

Uniform Design

Your A+ content should have a consistent styling across all the Amazon listings. We recommend utilizing any color schemes from your brand in all your content. Utilizing a uniform design can help customers more easily recognize products on Amazon. While brand recognition on Amazon is not a huge part, being consistent can increase your brand recognition and possible lead to sales of related products in the future.

Mobile Considerations

Amazon A+ detail pages do show up on mobile and utilizing certain modules can cause problems. Large banners are nice – however, they are not zoomable and can look extremely small on mobile devices.

Add A Content to Your Listings

Differentiating your product is the key to success on Amazon. Vendor Central users can add A+ content to their listings to help their products stand out. They also provide significant benefits by increasing your conversion rate. You can full customize your content to achieve different marketing goals for your product catalog. Following our top tips for creating great Amazon A+ detail pages will help you grow your sales on Vendor Central.