A beginner who’s just starting or an entrepreneur with years of experience – everyone wants to get more conversion. After choosing the right platform, the next thing is building your site in a way that attracts targeted visitors. One of the many distresses a shop owner faces shopping cart abandonment. It’s a classic predicament every entrepreneur wish to get rid.

Although there are dozens of ways to alleviate this hazard, I’m presenting only the most significant ones here. Read these and try to implement on your eCommerce store to get the best output. If you want to get started with WordPress, read this WooCommerce tutorial.

Tips to earn more conversion in your eCommerce store

These tips are hand-picked. Meaning, if you can follow them, you’ll end up seeing an inundation to sales. Don’t forget that overnight success is a myth, so you have to invest time and effort to see what you dreamt.

Build a brand

Branding is the most powerful thing that can set your business apart from others. Have you noticed that everyone is offering almost the same thing as you: free delivery, reasonable price, discounts, etc. Brand wins at the end of the day, even if other techniques fail.

Simplify the checkout process

Your goal is to make visitors purchase when they come to your site. One of the big reasons why customers abandon their cart is a lengthy checkout process. Make sure the checkout process is simple and easy to complete the payment. A complex checkout process will lead your users to your competitor’s site.

Follow the tips below to optimize the checkout process:

  • Keep the form short only with essential fields
  • Don’t force users to register first
  • Add multiple payment methods
  • Don’t keep any hidden cost

Make the users’ experience impeccable

Enjoying shopping and coming back to your site both depend on how excellent user experience you can provide. If users feel comfortable from entering your website to the checkout — it’s a sign of a good UX. Many things you can do to improve user experience, and here are a few tips:

  • Make sure your site loads fast
  • Keep the information scannable
  • Let find the products easily
  • Include high-quality and clearer images

Apply AI-powered chatbots

mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

In today’s fast running world, people want to get everything without any delay. They wanted a prompt response from you when they are going through your store and need assistance at some point. AI-powered chatbots are sophisticated tools that can answer quickly to thousands of users simultaneously.

Integrate user-generated content

When you successfully involve your users to the business, there will be more benefits, like increased revenue, the least to mention. By getting content from a customer, you can convince other customers without doing too much. Without spending a lot of money, you can have wonderful elements to promote.

  • Initiate an image submission program with a hashtag on Instagram
  • Ask people to submit pictures, videos, and articles
  • Run a competition and make it engaging
  • Encourage people to write a review
  • Ask visitors to participate in a survey

Opt for a loyalty program

qimono / Pixabay

Loyal customers are the strength of your store as they tend to spend more, come again, and tell others. Establish a program that connects the customers easily to reward them after they start spending. Besides that, you can create a referral system to bring new customers by your existing fans.

Stand out from your competitors

To stay away from the ordinary, you need to develop a unique strategy that nobody is doing. In email marketing tools, MailChimp is a formidable contender because of their free plan which allows 2k subscribers. This features alone helped MailChimp shine among other options.

I’m giving you some idea, and I hope you can figure out the rest.

  • First, study your competitors
  • Note down what they offer and what the miss
  • Try to fill in the gaps or introduce something new
  • Offer a money-back guarantee, free shipping, and more
  • Give a free guide with the purchase

Help users with valuable information

When buying a product, people may want to know how to use this product. You can create how-to videos or articles to explain the step-by-step process. Moreover, use the FAQ section to fill your user’s thirst by answering the common questions. Above all, regularly writing useful blog posts can help you gain trust from the readers.

Bottom line

The market is evolving, and there are more technologies to come. But, customers will always expect one thing: a rigorous shopping experience with no hassle. However, you can make your consumers feel better by providing the way they want to get their shopping done. Alongside the tips explained above, you can introduce videos, voice search, coupon, and an email reminder.