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Running a store isn’t like it used to be in the good old days. There was once a time when one had to be in a store at all times in order to make sure that everything was running smoothly. Today, anyone can open an online store, and the amount of work to be done is minimized greatly. Sure, there are still loads of things to do, but this is a great way to earn a living without having to work your fingers to the bone. In order to have a successful online store, owners must use the tools that are available to them. Here are some of the most important tools for online store owners.

1) PrestaShop – Anyone who is interested in starting an online store, but has no idea how to get started can use PrestaShop to get started. There are more than 250,000 stores that are powered by PrestaShop, and there are loads of great features that put store owners in complete control of their online shops. There are hundreds of add-ons, the store builder is simple to use, and the shopping cart system is excellent.

2) – All online stores need a way to accept payments, but which is the best? is one that deserves to be mentioned here. Customers may pay with credit cards, or use other payment services such as PayPal.

3) American Webmasters Association – Online store owners need support. No one can do everything on their own, and there are always things an owner is going to need help with. American Webmasters Association (AWA) is a professional organization that was founded to help connect and support online retailers, both individuals and organizations.

4) HighRise – This is a tool that lets online store owners create a good list of contacts. HighRise will manage all of those contacts, share them with teams, and create tasks that will help to improve both distribution leads and sales. Using this tool can lead to higher profits for store owners.

5) Visual Website Optimizer – Split testing of websites and apps is easy to do with Visual Website Optimizer, which is much like Optimizely. The graphs and screenshots are easy to use, so online store owners can easily see what is working for them and what isn’t. This tool is also easily integrated with other analytical tools.

6) Pingdom – This easy-to-use tool is used for checking on site speed in order to improve SEO, as well as the complete customer experience. All owners have to do is paste in their URL’s, and see what areas of their sites need to be improved, speed-wise. The better the SEO is, the more customers will be interested in re-visiting sites.

7) Wave – One of the biggest problems for a lot of online store owners is accounting. It is not an easy task, and when one doesn’t understand it, accounting can become even more difficult. But, it is expensive to hire an account. So, the next best thing is to use Wave Accounting. It gives store owners a complete report so they can understand everything about their financial situations. There is even a payroll management tool.

8) Hotjar – Any business owner knows that the key to success is customer satisfaction, and that should always be the top priority. It is important for online store owners to know how customers perceive their brands, and know what they can do to make changes to anything that customers do not like. Hotjar is easy to use, and it lets store owners find out what their customers really want. There are loads of great features, including polls, surveys, conversion rate tracking, and recording of visitor activity.

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