Creating an ecommerce website has become so easy that almost anyone who has a product to sell can create and launch a website in less than a day. However, getting enough website traffic to sustain a business is not as easy.

In fact, many new ecommerce retailers struggle to get a decent amount of traffic to their websites.

So, what can you do to overcome this challenge?

Here are some tips to include in your ecommerce marketing strategy and get more traffic to your ecommerce website.

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One of the best ways to drive more traffic to your website is by directing your social media traffic to your website. This is especially important for businesses that have an active social media presence and a significant number of followers.

By adding your website link in your bio, you make it easier for your audience to find your products online. You can use a two-pronged approach where you promote your products on social media and then direct them to your site using your link in bio.

Also, many people search for brands on social media and often discover new brands there. Anyone who is even curious about your products might visit your social media page and a link in your bio can easily guide them to your website.

2. Invest in Social Media Advertising

Advertising is one of the most traditional and impactful ways to get more traffic to your ecommerce website. However, instead of investing in all types of paid campaigns, you can limit your spending to social media advertising.

The reason is that social media advertising is extremely effective at targeting the right audience in a comparatively cost-effective way. Social media algorithms have evolved to a level where they can show highly-targeted ads to each user.

You search online for a product and within ten minutes you will see an ad for the same or similar products on social media. That is the level of targeted advertising that social media provides.

So, clearly define and segment your target audiences and let social media advertising work its magic.

Another benefit of social media advertising is that these ads look like native content. So, users who see these ads might click on them just like they would on any other social media post. This is a sure way of directing traffic to your ecommerce site and you should definitely invest in it.

So, include social media advertising in your marketing strategy and boost your ecommerce website traffic.

3. Keep Your SEO Game On Point

If you want a sustainable, long-term solution for getting site traffic, then nothing can replace good old SEO.

SEO techniques can help you optimize your ecommerce product pages to rank organically and get discovered by relevant users. While the basics of SEO remain the same for all websites, there are certain specific SEO tips for ecommerce sites.

Want to find out what they are?

Here are a few ecommerce SEO tips to get you started:

  • Add your target keywords to your product titles and descriptions.
  • Provide all relevant information in your product descriptions and try to target multiple keywords that people might use to search for a similar product.
  • Make sure that all of your pages and images load quickly and render well on all devices.
  • Use structured data to make your search results stand out.

Try these SEO techniques to get more organic traffic to your ecommerce site. This is the most sustainable way to maintain a steady flow of traffic to your website.

4. Find New Customers Using Influencer Marketing

If you are struggling to create brand awareness and reach new customers, then influencer marketing might be just what you need.

Influencers can help you reach new audiences and create brand awareness for your business. Moreover, they have enough sway over their own audiences that their recommendations can get many people to check out your website.

So, find the right influencers to promote your brand and get more visitors to your website. You can ask them to share your website link and mention your social media account in their promotional content.

5. Run Promotions to Give a Short-Term Boost to Your Sales

If you want to give a quick boost to your ecommerce website traffic and sales, then run promotions. This is a tried-and-tested technique that marketers have been using forever and it really works.

These promotions could be anything from a sale to a giveaway. You can even use a mix of promotional tactics from time to time to give short-term boosts to your ecommerce sales.

Giveaways and contests are a great way to get more website traffic without investing too much. You only need to reward a few of the participants, but you can many more people to participate.

You can promote your giveaways on social media, but ask people to visit your website to participate. This will give you the desired boost in website traffic that you wanted.

Here’s an example of the fashion retailer, ASOS, promoting their Black Friday sale on Instagram:

ASOS, promoting their Black Friday sale on Instagram

Image via Instagram

They have clearly added their website link in the bio to ensure that people can easily reach their website and shop.

6. Start a Customer Loyalty Program

One of the most effective ways to get new customers is to incentivize your existing customers to act as your brand advocates. It lends a certain credibility to your claims and gets more people to try out your products.

There is no one better to convince people to buy something than someone who already uses it. So, you should create a rewards program that incentivizes your customers to bring in more customers. The more lucrative the rewards you offer, the more customers they will try to bring in.

So, start a loyalty program that rewards customers for referring your brand or products to new customers. Also, encourage repeat purchases by providing incentives to your loyal customers to shop more from your brand.

7. Attract Visitors to Your Site Using Content

This is another long-term strategy that may not give immediate results but can ensure a steady flow of traffic to your website. This is probably why so many ecommerce websites also have a blog where they post content on relevant topics.

You can use quality content to lure prospective customers to your website and then use internal linking and CRO techniques to get more conversions. Start a blog where you post great content on topics that are relevant to your target customers.

You can provide informational content like tips and tricks on how to use your products or similar products. For example, if you have a beauty company, then you can use your blog to provide skincare tips, beauty advice, product recommendations, and more. Using the same example, you could make a how to video for how to use your products.

And, you can link to relevant products in your blog posts to direct your prospects to your website’s product pages and get more conversions.

Alternatively, you can start an online community where your existing customers can share content, ask questions, and have discussions. This is especially useful if you do not want to take on the task of running a blog, but still want to attract users through content.

Here’s an example of the Beauty Insider community started by the retailer, Sephora. Sephora’s community members and moderators post tons of useful beauty-related educational content on this platform. And, this definitely attracts new site visitors looking for answers to beauty-related questions.

Beauty Insider community started by the retailer, Sephora

Image via Sephora


These are seven of the most effective ways to drive more traffic to your ecommerce site. There are many ways in which retailers boost their ecommerce site traffic, but these are the most impactful ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Try these tactics to drive more traffic to your ecommerce site and grow your business.

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