We all know it is good business etiquette and common politeness to say thank-you to customers after a purchase; but thank-you pages are for more than that. So why are thank-you pages more than just good manners? If used correctly, they can help build your brand, loyal customers, enable you to interact with a shopper beyond the sale, and upsell. Thank-you pages are what will leave your shoppers with a lasting impression and help build loyalty.

There is a variety of creative yet simple ways you can capitalize on your thank-you page and help you turn first-time shoppers into loyal customers. Here’s how.

1. Using Video to Showcase Your Brand

Your thank-you page is an extension of your brand and as we mentioned, a chance to stand out and leave that lasting impression. To do this effectively you want to be true to your brand in how it is designed, the copy you use and the unique spin you use. A prime example of this is online store Halloween Costumes’s use of a video on their thank-you page.

Not only is the use of video content a winner, because as we know video is content king, but the uniqueness is hard to forget and goes a long way to boosting customer experience.

2. Be Social

Someone who has just bought from you will be more encouraged to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. So why not use your thank-you page to increase social followers by putting your social buttons front and center?

ecommerce thank you page example

By adding social buttons to your thank-you page, you are encouraging excited shoppers who are already a captive audience to be ‘friends’ with your brand. And the best part is, it’s free!

3. Including a Referral Incentive

Thank-you pages can also be used to spread brand awareness by offering a referral incentive or loyalty program. It can be as simple as sharing with friends to get a discount on their next purchase or as elaborate as a full loyalty program like the example below.

example of ecommerce thank you page

Not only do these referrals build awareness, but also trust. Aren’t you more likely to shop from an online store that a friend or family member recommended? ‘Word of mouth’ marketing can go a long way to increasing constant sales.

4. Include a VIP Reward

Adding a loyalty program is as easy as installing an app and by adding them to your thank-you page, you are pitching to buyers who trust you enough to have just made a purchase. Or why not just offer a reward to everyone by simply including a promo code on your thank-you page like the example below?

example of ecommerce thank you page

Bonus Tip: You could combine the first four tip suggestions to offer a limited-time discount to everyone who signs up for your newsletter.

Show off your blog and ensure you establish yourself as the authority in your niche by using your thank-you page to push blog content. Adding a list of recent posts, guides or resources like return policy pages will go a long way in getting more traffic to these pages as well, thus improving SEO as well.

example of ecommerce thank you page

Alternatively, you can use this time and space to push related products to try and push for more sales. If your theme doesn’t offer customization, there are a bunch of apps out there to help you with this without much tech know-how needed – such as Thank You Page Customizer.

6. Keeping it Simple

The last but possibly the most important hack is to keep your thank-you page simple. Concentrate on only one or two elements mentioned above and test which type of hack gets the best results. Like with the rest of your site, clean ideas with a clear message are key to using your thank-you page as a brand-building tool. Too many deals, related products, offers and copy will not leave a lasting impression and may only confuse your shoppers.

This goes for your copy as well. You will want to continue in the tone of voice you have used throughout your site and keep the copy clear and simple like you can see in the example below.

example of ecommerce thank you page

There you have it, just in time for the busy shopping days coming up: 6 simple hacks to capitalize on your eCommerce thank-you pages. Have something to add? Reach out in the comments below!

Happy selling!

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