According to a recent study by Survata, nearly half of all product searches online start on Amazon. Knowing what to sell, and how to sell online is thus critical to the success of any aspiring eCommerce retailer. In this article, we will provide you with a list of tools and tips on how to find the best selling products on Amazon.

Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon has a comprehensive database of best selling products on their platform. This section provides you with a list that is neatly organized into various categories. For example, if you are a retailer in the automotive space, you can see that products like OBD II Scanner and snow brushes are among the best selling products on the platform. In addition to exploring the best selling products across various categories, this section also offers a database of new releases and most wished for products that offer great insights into the kind of products your store must be selling.
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Amazon Best Sellers


Trendosaur is a tool that scans millions of publicly-listed retail sales data for trending products to not only come up with a report of products that are in high demand at present, but also uses this data to provide the seller with other valuable inputs like projected demand in the seller’s country, the possible price points they must be selling it at, suppliers list and the optimal procurement price.

While Amazon Best Sellers is unquestionably insightful, there are some inherent challenges with using this section for product research. For one, Amazon only lists the top hundred best selling products every day. With over 5 million sellers on Amazon, this limited list of products can quickly turn incredibly competitive for sellers; at least for those who are just launching their stores. Also, this list is based on historical data and may not necessarily hold true for future.

One big differentiator between Trendosaur and the Amazon Best Sellers list is that the former is based on trends and may thus be able to predict products that can see a growth in future demand.
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Trendosaur - finding products for Amazon

AMZ Insight

If Trendosaur uses big data to predict future sales demand, AMZ Insight is a tool that analyzes the current ecosystem to provide you with an analysis to help you maximize revenues. With AMZ Insight, you will be able to dig deep into the Amazon product catalogue to identify profitable niches and also identify your sales potential based on factors such as seller rank and price point.

For example, here is a list of products ranked based on the estimated sales and revenue potential. You may further click through to each of these items in the list to research the products more comprehensively.
Price: $39+

AMZ Insight - finding products for Amazon


JungleScout is similar to AMZ Insight in the sense that it makes use of the current product ecosystem on Amazon to identify money making opportunities for your business. The ‘Niche Hunter’ tool is available with higher priced plans and helps sellers identify unique opportunities to diversify into. You may, for instance, specify the categories you want to venture into, the average price range you want to sell your products at, average demand and other factors and the tool will instantly provide you with a list of products to consider.

Similar to AMZ Insight, the tool makes use of historical data and may thus not be ideal for predicting future demand. However, this tool is ideal for industries where product demand tends to be steady. In other words, this tool may not be ideal for categories like Gaming and toys where there are fads that are difficult to predict.
Price: $40+

JungleScout - finding products for Amazon


Asinhunt calls itself a ‘product tracker’ tool that helps Amazon FBA sellers estimate their daily sales for any given ASIN. The tool lets you key in ASINs that you want to track and automatically collect a daily report of stock availability, price and other key details.

As you can see, this is not exactly what you need for product research. However, Asinhunt also comes with a ‘Product Tracker’ tool that uses historical best selling data from Amazon to provide sellers with a list of products that are in high demand among buyers. Again, given that this is historical data, this may not be the most optimal research product available to sellers. However, it is the cheapest tool (besides Amazon Best Sellers list) and may thus be the most affordable option for new sellers.
Price: $9.99+

AsinHunt - finding products for Amazon

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